Friday, November 29, 2013

Gift Ideas for Guys

No clue what to get your guy for Christmas this year?  Well...I don’t know either.  Hands down I think shopping for guys I think is quite difficult.  Mostly because when you think you understand them, they will turn around and tell you they want to be a photographer and next week they want to be a singer but last week they wanted to be a cop.  So anyway ladies, let’s accept the fact that we will never fully understand them and surprising them is probably out of the question.  So let’s just buy them whatever the hell we want.

Before we continue just want you to know that I’m obsessed with Pinterest, so you can follow my “Gift Ideas for Guys” Pinterest board here.

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So here are some gift ideas I found.  Enjoy.  Oh and you’re welcome. –Ms. D

1-Tech Gift Ideas

Media Stream Player- So most of us have Netflix of Hulu anyway and the most basics of cable.  So to be able to stream movies from the internet is pretty cool.  This isn’t really a new concept but for those who it is new to…WWOOOOWWWW!!!  AMAAAZZZINNGGG!!!

A Smart Watch- The internet on your wrist…enough said

A Game Console- I won’t even pretend to know the difference between the two, but if you feel like adding to his addiction this holiday, go ahead.

A Phone- This is always a good idea, especially if he is eligible for an upgrade

Smart Gloves- For the Social Media fiends, he can check up your Instagram posts in the freezing cold without getting frost bite

2- Fresh and Clean Ideas

Signature Scents- Why wouldn’t you want a man whosmells like money?

Skin Care Items- Who said guys don’t need to take care of their skin, hook him up with something to help maintain his sexy.

3- Apparel and Accessories

A Coat- I mean it is winter

Bag- A bag for travel or for work

Socks- A man can never have enough socks, especially if he works out or plays sports

Belt- A nice belt to hold up is probably sagging jeans

PS You can have your Black Friday, I’m here for Cyber Monday.  Catch me doing all my Christmas shopping right behind my laptop @4everYoungMsd

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Place to Go

Yesterday was my father’s birthday and to celebrate we went out to eat.  We decided we wanted Jamaican food, well because we’re Jamaican…I’m Jamaican by the way if I’ve never mentioned that.  So anyway, I’ve already been to a few popular NYC Caribbean restaurants such as Negril Village, Sugar Cane and Footprints.  I loved them all but I wanted to find another Caribbean restaurant that was not so far from where I lived…I’m from the Bronx if I’ve never mentioned that either.  (Look at us getting to know each other and stuff)  Anyway, I used my favorite search engine Yelp and found A Place to Go.  No, literally that’s the name.  So cute I love it.  The meal was absolutely delicious.  If I had to choose a favorite it was the jerk chicken spring rolls.  If you’re ever in New Rochelle, NY check this place out.  They also have live RnB music on Thursday nights and live reggae music on Friday nights.  Oh and it’s not that expensive, so guys…date night.

So check out some of my pictures below, and I’ll talk to ya later- Ms. D

 I stay ready

Virgin Pina Colada, taste like ice cream

 Jerk chicken spring rolls

Jerk chicken

Oxtails, sweet potato waffle fries and chicken Rasta Pasta

Find me stuffing my face with Rasta Pasta @4EverYoungMsD

Thursday, November 14, 2013

DatingDionne101 #5 Faux Worry, Be Happy

Hi young loves, I’m here after a mini hiatus (which isn’t over by the way) but I just wanted to share a few thoughts because there was some foolishness all over my timeline this week. 
Hmmmm ok, so the ballpark of $40,000-$50,000 a year is an average salary right?  A good salary, but still average.  Therefore, it doesn’t not put you in the “gold-digger” category, sorry I don’t know how else to put it.  So why are some men really worried about gold-diggers anyway?  These fears are baseless and irrational.

But before I go any further,  first and foremost if you’re a guy and you meet a girl, and you find her attractive, like her, and you ask her on a 1st date, pay for the damn date.  PERIOD.  Point blank, I don’t care.  I don’t care, I don’t care, and I said I don’t care what nobody gotta say.  Do not bring up later that she ordered a steak and you spent 80$ so now it means she should do something for you or to you. (Rolls eyes)  If you don’t want to spend that much or you don’t really have it, then go find a nice happy hour spot or a coffee shop or something.  If you don’t want to spend anything at all, then don’t ask her to go.  Yes, women can be independent, and we can vote, and we own businesses, and we’re CEO’s, lawyers and doctors etc. etc., but we are still women!  So we wanna to be treated like ladies n’ shit geez.

Uhm what was it my girl Lauryn Hill said?

Okay back to my point… If you have your own car and you rent you a nice place?  Great! That’s awesome and they’re things that you should want as a grown-up.  You have things going for you, you have a cool personality and a woman shows interest in you, then uhm maybe she just might be into you.  Every woman you meet is not trying to “get you” for a few bucks.  Why do you think so many women have time to just go out with you for a free meal?  Like seriously, stop trying to “prove” a girl doesn’t want you for your money (that you don’t really have) by being stingy or not spending any money on a date or asking her to spend money on you as a way of buying your affection.  Now if she chooses to do it on her own, that’s different, but do not ask.  That’s just…ugh…kinda lame. 

Like honestly, unless you’re making over $100,000 a year or something, have zero debt, own property, you’re not so uhmmmmmm “attractive” and your personality SUCKS, then maybe, just maybe you should be on the lookout for these type of gold-digging “women.”  But if you’re so fly, then why wouldn’t she be feeling you?

Oh and stop saying thing like “oh I want to feel special too.”  Sir, you will feel special.  But make her feel special first!  Trust me once a woman knows you’re into her, she is going to go HARD for you?

Peep this lil’ meme right here

Just my 2 cents, but don’t listen to me anyway, I don’t even know what I’m talking about –Ms. D
Blog it up with you real soon and catch me giving out blank stares @4EveryoungMsd 

Monday, September 2, 2013

I love Saving Money

 “I don’t think a savvy shopper has to buy government cheese to save money, I think a good shopper gets Ricotta for half the price at least” -Ms.D

Ok so that might not be the best metaphor on earth, but you can get my drift.  Earlier last week I was speaking with an associate of mine who wanted to come up with some ideas for a pod cast.  So he asked me something’s that I like and what interests me.  So basically during the midst of the conversation, those words above came out my mouth and I quickly tweeted it as I do many of my witty comments.

At the end of the day, I am no financial expert.  I’m what I like to call…frugal.  Furthermore, I hate spending retail.  However, I did one learn from one of my favorite bloggers, Demetria Lucas, that "if you are going to spend frivolously then let it be on experiences and not things."  And to add to that, granted there are things that you need to just pay full price for, especially if it’s urgent.  But a lot of times, people will not bother to look for bargains.  It can just be out of pure laziness and not because they have money to waste.  So I just wanted to share three money saving tips I have used that even the laziest of “barganistas” can benefit from.

1-Cash Back Services  
Many credit cards offer cash back on most purchases online or in store. is a website that offers cash back to customers for shopping online at their favorite store.  In total I have earned and received over $200 just for shopping at stores that I shop at anyway.  Customers can also receive 5$ bonus for referring people who sign up and then shop.  Now with that being said, click my link I provided below and join hmmm k.

So for example, if offers 2.0% cash back for shopping at Target, and your credit card provider offer 3.0% cash back for any purchase, then go ahead and combine the two.  Even better, during holidays like LABOR DAY weekend, sometimes the cash back offers are DOUBLED. (Can you smell my excitement?)

2-Take advantage of promotions/specials

This may seem like be a given, but I don’t exactly mean sales.  For example, around February and September in NYC is Restaurant Week and Broadway Week.  This isn’t anything new, but I feel like every time I mention it to people they have no clue what I am talking about.  During this week, 4 to 5 star restaurants (that I wouldn’t dear step foot in any other time) offer pre-fixed lunches and dinners for a significant discounted price to promote there restaurant.  It’s also really easy to set up reservations through  Also, during Broadway Week and Off Broadway Week, you can get 2 Broadway tickets for the price of 1! (this is me now sighing and swooning)  So that boyfriend that never takes you anywhere nice…well here you go!

3- Bill Me Later is a service offered through PayPal.  The easiest way for me to describe it is to call it an online credit card.  However, most of the time it allows for 6 months interest free before you have to pay anything back.  If you use it with you can earn extra eBay Bucks.  (I’m telling you this is a foreign language to some people)  I utilize mostly when I book most of my trips with other people.  This way I can snatch up the best price ASAP.  And then since it’s pretty much like online lay-a-way, then my friends get a whole 6 months to pay be back before I get charged any goddamn fees.

Ok so like I said, I am no expert, so if anyone has any tips to share, I would gladly appreciate then.
Thanks for reading, and happy shopping.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

For Ladies Who Brunch: Revisited

Hey Young Lovers, this past Sunday I was super excited to go out to a brunch day party.  I know I’m super late, but I just realized how much I love brunch!  I put on a “fabfound” I got recently from Marshall's and tootsie my way on over to EVR in midtown.  The venue was cute, however to my disappointment it was actually a private party and the promoters didn’t work it out with the kitchen.  According to the hostess there was a “situation”.  So basically there was no food, hence to brunch for me to have…whomp whomp.

So I had to just make this post about what I decided to wear. 

If you saw my previous brunch post, then you know I decided the most appropriate brunch outfit consists of a dress. 

Dress: Rolla Coster via Marshalls
Belt: XXI
Shoes: Rogue

As always thanks for reading-Ms. D

I was kind of going for a 1960’s kind of look, how do you think I did?  Find me tryna brunch around the city @4EverYoungMsD

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DatingDionne101 #4 The Female Good Luck Chuck

Anyone remember that movie Good Luck Chuck?  You know the one where Dane Cook’s characters gets a spell cast on him and every woman he dates finds their one true love, only after they dated him.  Well, although that movie may be fiction, apparently there is a real syndrome like this going around and I think I may have caught it.  (Because of course I couldn’t have what Shallow Hal had.)  Anyway, the ever so precise Urban Dictionary describes the term like this: “When after you finish dating someone, and their next bf/gf is the one they end up marrying. The syndrome mostly found amongst women and men in their 20's and 30's. This mostly occurs amongst hopeless romantics, and those that continually search for love.”

Well so far I’ve had tons of ex-boyfriends, a bunch of guys I dated and a dozen guys I turned down get engaged or married.  Now these statistics aren’t fully accurate (as they would add up and make me a ho) and I’m also not mentioning any dates of engagements or weddings.  Just know that I know what I know.

Also, I wouldn’t say I’m jealous per se.  I’m actually quite happy for them (sucka for love stories).  Honestly most of the girls from what I’ve seen are actually quite beautiful and lovely girls.  As a matter of fact, sometimes I even wonder what they see in the guy, but uhm that’s another story.  To each his own and one man’s trash is another….yeah so anyway. 

Now I know everyone says your time will come, blah blah blah.  I don’t really worry and trust me I’m in no rush (so I remind my ring finger and uterus often).  But as for now… I’ll just let Maroon 5 tell it for me.

Can’t see the video? Click here

As always thanks for reading
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Monday, August 19, 2013

What You Said Now? 2 for 1?

***Bursts out into song, Gleeks and tap dances soul way****

Hi Young Loves, ittsssss back.  Yes yes yes, Broadway Week as returned.  Hopefully, this year I will be able to indulge once again.  So far I have participated in Broadway Week for the past two years.  So far I have watched Mary Poppins, Priscilla Queen of the Damned, Sister Act and Cinderella. 

Off Broadway Week I got to enjoy the show Avenue Q. 

That show is so funny, I highly recommend it.  But just because there are puppets, does not mean it’s for kiddies, so you have been warned.  It was just the kind of sarcastic humor that I love.  Also, why is Sister Act not still on Broadway?  Not that was a good show.  Anyway this is not the point of the post. 

We all know I luvs me a discount.  Broadway Week offers theater goers two-for-one tickets to Broadway shows.  So you and your friend, mother, sister, cousin can go half on tickets prices if you so desire and still enjoy great seats.  Or…cough…you cheap bastards who never take your girl anywhere can finally take her somewhere nice this fall.

Anyway Broadway week runs from September 2nd to the 15th (I’m just upset that Motown the Musical is not an option) so New Yorkers and those that want to come visit, go get you some.  Try visiting for the shows playing and to buy tickets

As always thanks for reading.  Any show you’ve been dying to see?  Do tell.

Hopefully catch me on Broadway @4EverYoungMsD

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Hola jovenes amantes, this past week I went on a much needed and desired vacation.  I was blessed to be able to travel to the beautiful island of Costa Rica.  I decided to do a simple recap and review of my trip.  

Day 1: Arrival

Barceló San Jose Palacio

I enjoyed this hotel.  The reviews on it were mixed however most people still gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  My package includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast.  You know I need my internet and my food.  The breakfast every morning was delicious.  They served typical Costa Rican breakfast that always included rice and beans.  The hotel is located right off the high way so I had no choice but to take a taxi to go into the city.  Expect to pay at least $10 US dollars for 5,000 Colons per trip.  I suggest going with other guest who are also going that way to keep cost down.

Multiplaza Shopping Mall in Escazú

This was a very nice mall it had typical stores you would find in the US including Forever 21, Gap, M.A.C etc.  You won’t find many English speaking people here, but they did offer free Wi-Fi so I was able to use Google translate here. They also had a Supermarket so I was able to stock up on some snacks. 

Day 2: Combo Tour

Doka estate coffee tour

The first part was a total history lesson, no one really wants to learn on vacation but sometimes you need to be learnt and cultured and stuff so you don’t sound ignorant when talking to rich folk.

Irazú Volcano

The Irazú Volcano is an active volcano in Costa Rica froze my but off here the weather changes drastically.

La Paz waterfall gardens

This place is home to many rescued animals.  We went down 300 steps and then up 100 steps.  Also the weather changes drastically in the rainforest, it gets cold quick so button up..

El Bosque Bar

This bar is located within my hotel.  Happy hours or feliz de hora was from 7pm-9pm.  They also had live music and 2 for one drinks.  Thanks Barcelo.

Day 3: Exploration

Downtown San José

Attempted to go to the Gold Museum or Museo De Ore, however the language barrier between the workers and I was impossible for them to understand I wanted my international visitors discount the offered.  You know I don’t play those games.  Suggestion to owners, please hire someone who speaks a tiny bit of English to work your tourist attraction areas. 

Day 4: Beach Excursion

Tortuga Island

I highly recommend this excursion with calypso tours.  The tour picks you up and takes you to the city of Puntarenas on a catamaran ride that ends on Isla de Tortuga or Turtle Island.  We spent 5 hours on the beach and enjoyed every minute of it.  It rained the night before so there were a lot of sediments in the water but as the tides changed the water became clearer.  I do not know how to swim unfortunately, so I wasn’t able to go snorkeling.  However, I did get to meet life partners Paco and Lola as well as my new pet pig.  I also enjoyed a cool surf ride on a banana boat.

Day 5: Departure

Juan Santamaría International Airport

Located about 20 minutes from my hotel and it is a pretty small airport.  Look out for that $29 departure tax, and don’t bother buying any liquids while in the terminal they will still take it from you when you get on the plane -_-

As always thanks for reading -Ms. D

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