Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Was Late to the Body Party

Good GAWD googly moogly. I am just at a loss for words over Ciara’s new video “Body Party.”  I mean if she wasn't an actual certified artist (and I wasn't heterosexual) I would deem this video a straight Thirst Trap.  But I’m not going to do that.  

For anyone who knows me, they would know I only really play the corner at a party.  You will only see me dance from the waist on up.  Do you know these types of girls?  Well I am one of them.  So Puh-lease do NOT try to force me to dance unless I’m really really…ok nevermind…sorry mom.
So after watching the video, for some strange reason, I’m not going to lie, I did sort of try to attempt the moves at 3.03 seconds.  Deep sigh.  Mission failed.

Again I would show y'all, but you see the way my pride is set up…

But anyway I just wanted to keep this short and sweet, plus give a shout out to my girl crush of the month Miss CiCi.  Ciara delivers in this video.  She is serving us straight sex on a platter and I would like to place my order right now!  I see you girl looking like tall glass of caramel syrup. 

Enjoy the video if you have not seen it already.  

( If you are unable to see the video click the link  )

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hash-Tag Workflow

I’m pretty random sometimes.  So one morning while I was checking my emails, making copies and working super hard (insert cough and side eye glance) I casually asked one of coworkers “how do you show a man appreciation?”  Without even blinking, because she’s already used to my randomness by now, she said that she would simply just tell him.  Oh ok gotcha.  Another coworker piped in and stated that she would buy him a gift or take him out to dinner.  Oh ok not a bad idea there.  Then my supervisor said that she would get him a nice bouquet of flowers.  Oh ok…wait what?  So of course I had to go and ask her “do men even like to get flowers?”

Me personally, I don’t know any man who likes to get flowers. But lord knows I’m not a love guru nor do I understand anything that goes through the mind of the opposite sex.  Therefore, just for fun I decided to take a poll in regards to this water cooler conversation.

I asked various guys and gals “Do men like to receive flowers?” Oh boy!  If only I had a video camera with me so I can just visually show y’all what happened and everyone could just enjoy a good laugh.  But I didn't have one, sorry.  Like seriously, this conversation went on for hours, days even!  Literally everyone had something to say.  I didn't know it would spark such a great debate.  I mean people started fighting, kicking, screaming and pulling each other’s hair out and everything Lord Jesus.  Eventually I had to run out of the office and go back to my pretend working. 

Ok so obviously I’m exaggerating, but anyway here were the some responses I received:
  • “Men like a little recognition and appreciation when we acknowledging them, but most men don’t want no damn flowers”
  • “The men I know have enjoyed receiving flowers because no one has ever done that for them before.  It’s shocking to them because they have never experienced it and have actually found it sweet”
  • “No we don’t, we want money or sex or both, not flowers”
  • “Hell no!”
  • “Nah”
  • “Definitely not.  Guys aren’t sentimental like that.  I would prefer some Tag body spray over flowers any day”
  • “What real man wants flowers?”
  • “In my opinion only, men like to feel appreciated so any form of gratitude appeals to a man.”
  • “I don’t know any guy who’s going to be like ‘Yo guess what?!  My girl got me flowers son’ so I don’t know I guess I’d just smell and be like WTF”
  • “Nope no flowers, just sex”
  • “No, because flowers are for girls”

Welp…guess I got my question answered and I probably won’t be opening my big mouth again…for the rest of the week day…maybe.  So overall, I’m pretty sure you can conclude for yourselves that the majority felt giving a man flowers was a nice idea.  However, they would only accept them because they didn't want to seem ungrateful.  Oh who am I kidding?  Men just want sex!

So until next time, join in on the conversation and let me know your opinions.
Thanks for reading :)

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seasonal Depression OOTD: Black and Neon

Hi, I know what you’re thinking about the title, another pity post?  But just hear me out and let me explain.  I live in the New York City area so of course we experience a change of season and weather.  During the winter months I’m much more sluggish and sometimes I find myself not wanting to do as much.  I’d rather much stay home, not go out and I don’t really like to get even get dressed up.  I basically just do not feel like myself.  Now I don’t know if a lot of people suffer with seasonal depression, more clinically know as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, but one way I do try to combat the symptoms it is by taking St. Johns Wort supplement tablets.  St. John’s Wort promotes a positive mood and they are completely natural and safe.  I also take vitamin D since in the winter it gets darker much earlier and the lack of sunlight can result in a vitamin D deficiency.

Moreover, in the winter my wardrobe pretty much ranges from different shades of black or grey.  So when the weather gets a little warmer I can’t wait to throw on my booty shorts, hoody and UGG boots…No but seriously, I do try to transition out of my winter funk into spring.  Although I still love my dark colors and neutrals, a little pop of color puts a little more pep in my step when I'm running to catch my 7:55am train these recent spring mornings.

Now for this particular outfit I was heading to my friend’s baby shower (hey Mey).  After ransacking the hell out of my room and shopping in my closet, I was able to come up with this outfit for the day.  So check out my pics! Now! Grrrrrr

Oh by the way be prepared for some sexy goofiness overload :)

Oh and I’m not a doctor or a fashionista :)


Outfit details:
Black and white sheer top: random NYC boutique
Heart shaped belt: XXI
Orange neon pants: Bon Bini
Tan ankle strap pumps:
3 ½ sleeve blazer: H&M         
Bag: Michael Kors

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Her Hair Story

Hi young lovers, ok so I suffer from “average black boring length” hair.  Yes, that is simply what I call it.  My hair has been the same length since 1999.  I have Googled, YouTubed, Yahooed, Binged, asked about, read into and tried everything to get past this length.  My guy friend told me that for some reason he can see me with an afro and going to poetry jams.  Uhmmm I’m not sure that all naturalisistas need to partake in poetry events but I did understood what he meant and know he didn’t mean to offend me or anyone else.   But I am just not ready for the big chop or to go natural as of yet. 

My hair on a daily basis
In 2010 I started wearing sew in weaves on a regular basis.   Sidebar, I actually only got my first weave ever in 2004.  It was a done in the kitchen weave, but it looked great.  My college friend sewed it in and my other friend styled it...for free…oh how I miss those days.  I was told that weaves can be a great alternative to growing out your hair because you manipulate your real hair a lot less.  Your should grow as long as you take care of your hair underneath.  However, let us fast forward to 2010.  

I was looking for a hairstylist to go to and got a recommendation for one not too far from where I lived.  She did an OK job sewing in and styling my hair, but it wasn't better than how my old college friends did it.  Anyway, after wearing these “protective style” for over 2 years, in 2012 I realized that I had a damn bald spot.  Also, the rest of my hair was even thinner than before and constantly shedding!  I found out later on that I had Traction alopecia.  “Traction alopecia is a form of alopecia, or gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair.  This commonly results from the sufferer frequently wearing his/her hair in a particularly tight ponytail, pigtails, or braids.  It is also seen occasionally in long-haired people who use barrettes to keep hair out of their faces.  Traction alopecia is a substantial risk in hair weaves, which can be worn either to conceal hair loss, or purely for cosmetic purposes. ” (Wikepedia, 2013)
What? Hmmm how can I say this?  I’m sad…so please come be sad with me.  Oh and I would post pictures of my bald spot, but ya see the way my pride is set up...  But seriously, I'm just not ready for that, but this is how my comb looks like after I run it through my hair a few times.
You should see how my vanity looks, eww gross
This is defiantly something I am starting to work on ASAP.  My mother suffers from hair loss due to medication and other things, so I want to be more preventative in my twenties.  Recently I found a product that I have high hopes for.  It was recommended to me when I went to my local Dominican hair salon.  The product is called UNA Oxygenating drops. 
I massage into my scalp after cleansing my hair
I again Googled about it (because that’s as far as the extent of my researching goes for most things) and saw some good reviews, and a few bad ones as well of course.  I haven’t seen any YouTube videos on it yet, so maybe once I get over my shyness, I’ll probably post a video that is helpful.  So far I’ve used it 3 times and I have noticed a little less shedding and my hair is starting to feel a little thicker and even better, my scalp is less irritated.  The product feels really good on your scalp actually.  It reminds me of how Dr. Miracles feels because it gives a menthol like, tingling and soothing sensation.  The cost per bottle is $30.00.  Now usually I don’t spend a lot of money on things, but my hair is something I will continue to splurge on if it does its job.
My hair with clip ins, becasue come one a girl just can't let go of some long hair

Update: Decided to do a video

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DatingDionne101 #2 Digital Dating & Media Mating

Hello young lovers, so there is this new YouTube web show that I recently started watching called “Hello Cupid.”  Its plot is based on 2 girls living together in LA, both single and both trying online dating for the first time.  The plot of the series so far is pretty ok in my opinion.  However, I didn't really come here to talk about the show but more of the subject of online dating (a subject that has been tackled ever so many times).

One weekend, I was chatting it up with a friend who has recently gotten back on the dating scene after being married for 11 years and divorced for a year.  She casually mentioned to me that she began meeting guys online and eventually going out on dates.  (Oh and there is a reason I stated meeting online because you’re supposed to eventually date in REAL life).  Anyway, she also told me how she also met a guy recently on the street.  He approached her while she was in Central Park having lunch and asked her for her number.  But she said that things didn't work out in the end.  But the kicker is, she said she wasn't most disappointed in the fact that he flaked, but that she wanted wouldn't be able to tell people the cute story on how they met. (Insert blank stare) Huh?  She explained that she would have been relieved to not have to tell people that she met him online, but rather organically and face to face. 

Now I will tell you this.  I’m a sucker for a good love story.  I've always been interested in hearing how people meet.  I stalk every Wednesday so I can read there “Bridal Bliss” column and I always look forward to reading how the couples met.  There is also another show on TLC I watch called “Say Yes to Dress” and my favorite part is when the sales consultant sits down and asks the client about her fiancĂ©.
But so what if you met online?  What’s the big deal?   Does it matter how you met or does it matter the fact that ya’ll did meet.  (Of course there are some exceptions i.e.; if he’s your bff’s ex, or he was a prisoner and you were a CO)  But in the end, who really cares if y’all met online?  Its 2013, online meeting (then dating) in my opinion is a sure fire way to find a relationship, not the only way, but it’s still a good way.

Back in the day there was no internet, so people met by going to sock hops or however the hell they got down.  But times have changed so our ways of living have changed.  We don’t bank the way we used to.  We use mobile banking now and can even take a picture of checks and deposit it straight in our account.   We don’t travel the way we used to.  Who still uses a travel agent?  No honey, I sure do log right into and book my trips right on that good ole’ internet.  We don’t have to go to the store anymore.  I sure do hop right onto and enter a promo code to get free shipping.  So obviously we don’t have to date the way we used to date anymore, so what’s wrong with taking it online too?

I guess the problem is people feel that it’s being lazy or worse its being “thirsty.”  But to me, “thirsty” is wanting someone who just doesn't want you back.  There is a YouTuber’s channel I follow who let her subscribers ask her personal random questions.  The most popular question they asked, was how she met her current boyfriend, who was also a fellow YouTuber.  And guess how they met…no really guess.  On YouTube!!   Well would you look at that.  One day he watched her video, thought she was cute, contacted her and she wrote him back.  Did I mention he lived in the US and she lives in the UK?  Yeah so is he thirsty?  He found the love of his life online and traveled half the damn way across the world to meet her.  That ain't thirsty, that’s romantic!  Pursuing someone online, making a good attempt or at least a B- effort to try to meet someone is not desperate.  You probably would have never met that person in real life.  There are a lot of shy people out there that may not have approached you.  Plus I mean isn't that what social media is for, for socializing?

Thanks for reading- Ms. D

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DatingDionne101 #1 Introduction

Hey young lovers,  I have a confession.  I am obsessed with dating blogs.   They are like the “girlfriend” I've never had.  When I read a story about a fellow single female who is super excited about a first date with a guy, and then at the end of it he asked her if she was going to be the one to pay for everything (insert awkward blank confused stare here) I’ll admit it feels oh so good.  It’s like I want to say to her “guuurrrlll, you understand my pain!”

I've been single, not totally or miserably, but still technically single for…27 years.  No seriously…my whole life.  I wouldn't say there’s necessarily anything wrong with me per se and I wouldn't say that there is something wrong with everyone else, but in all honesty, I've never had a real boyfriend.  Like you know that guy that you date for a while and then he eventually says to something like "hey you wanna go steady?"  (Yeah cause that has ever been said by a guy since 1964).  But anyway, I think back to when I started dating.  I had my first kiss when I was 16 years old.  Maybe to some I was a late bloomer, but to me it was alright, I was in no kind of rush, I saw the struggle out there and I didn't want NO parts of it.  My first “boyfriend” his was named Teon.  I thought it was cute because his name rhymed with mine, so that was the basis of our whole relationship.  Dionne (pronounced de-on in case you were wondering) and Teon…we had rhyming names.  And where our similarities ended.  He was older maybe like a year, tall light skin complexion.  Basically how I still like them now.  But otherwise I can’t remember anything else about him.  Isn't that crazy?  He was my first kiss, the like super most important event in a young teenage girl’s life and yet he is so insignificant to my memory.  (PS. I saw him years later working in a supermarket looking crazy and homeless, whew dodged that bullet) 

But any who the moral of the story is, I've been literally dating for 11 years and have yet to officially claim or been claimed as a significant other.  Why you ask, maybe one out of the thousands of reasons is stated above.  One time, I went on a date with a guy who I was super excited to go on and then the cheap $27.00 check comes and he asks me if I could cover all of it.  Really though? Really?  Are times that rough?  Anyway, of course I paid it, but trust and believe he was not hearing from me again.  Now this topic in itself can take a whole other blog and a whole other discussion (which I may address at a later date) but I’m going to leave it at that.  For now, I just wanted to get my feelings out and try to be that “girlfriend” that whatever random person reading this has never had.  I want her to say “Dionne, guurrrllllll, I feel your pain” and to that random person I say “Hey friend, glad I could help.”  Because like, I’m going to assume that’s how conversations with girlfriends go and stuff.

Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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