Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DatingDionne101 #1 Introduction

Hey young lovers,  I have a confession.  I am obsessed with dating blogs.   They are like the “girlfriend” I've never had.  When I read a story about a fellow single female who is super excited about a first date with a guy, and then at the end of it he asked her if she was going to be the one to pay for everything (insert awkward blank confused stare here) I’ll admit it feels oh so good.  It’s like I want to say to her “guuurrrlll, you understand my pain!”

I've been single, not totally or miserably, but still technically single for…27 years.  No seriously…my whole life.  I wouldn't say there’s necessarily anything wrong with me per se and I wouldn't say that there is something wrong with everyone else, but in all honesty, I've never had a real boyfriend.  Like you know that guy that you date for a while and then he eventually says to something like "hey you wanna go steady?"  (Yeah cause that has ever been said by a guy since 1964).  But anyway, I think back to when I started dating.  I had my first kiss when I was 16 years old.  Maybe to some I was a late bloomer, but to me it was alright, I was in no kind of rush, I saw the struggle out there and I didn't want NO parts of it.  My first “boyfriend” his was named Teon.  I thought it was cute because his name rhymed with mine, so that was the basis of our whole relationship.  Dionne (pronounced de-on in case you were wondering) and Teon…we had rhyming names.  And that...is where our similarities ended.  He was older maybe like a year, tall light skin complexion.  Basically how I still like them now.  But otherwise I can’t remember anything else about him.  Isn't that crazy?  He was my first kiss, the like super most important event in a young teenage girl’s life and yet he is so insignificant to my memory.  (PS. I saw him years later working in a supermarket looking crazy and homeless, whew dodged that bullet) 

But any who the moral of the story is, I've been literally dating for 11 years and have yet to officially claim or been claimed as a significant other.  Why you ask, maybe one out of the thousands of reasons is stated above.  One time, I went on a date with a guy who I was super excited to go on and then the cheap $27.00 check comes and he asks me if I could cover all of it.  Really though? Really?  Are times that rough?  Anyway, of course I paid it, but trust and believe he was not hearing from me again.  Now this topic in itself can take a whole other blog and a whole other discussion (which I may address at a later date) but I’m going to leave it at that.  For now, I just wanted to get my feelings out and try to be that “girlfriend” that whatever random person reading this has never had.  I want her to say “Dionne, guurrrllllll, I feel your pain” and to that random person I say “Hey friend, glad I could help.”  Because like, I’m going to assume that’s how conversations with girlfriends go and stuff.

Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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  1. omg yes the dating scene is jacked i am constantly reading and hearing of ridiculous stories, and girl i would have told him i sure can cover my half.lol


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