Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Was Late to the Body Party

Good GAWD googly moogly. I am just at a loss for words over Ciara’s new video “Body Party.”  I mean if she wasn't an actual certified artist (and I wasn't heterosexual) I would deem this video a straight Thirst Trap.  But I’m not going to do that.  

For anyone who knows me, they would know I only really play the corner at a party.  You will only see me dance from the waist on up.  Do you know these types of girls?  Well I am one of them.  So Puh-lease do NOT try to force me to dance unless I’m really really…ok nevermind…sorry mom.
So after watching the video, for some strange reason, I’m not going to lie, I did sort of try to attempt the moves at 3.03 seconds.  Deep sigh.  Mission failed.

Again I would show y'all, but you see the way my pride is set up…

But anyway I just wanted to keep this short and sweet, plus give a shout out to my girl crush of the month Miss CiCi.  Ciara delivers in this video.  She is serving us straight sex on a platter and I would like to place my order right now!  I see you girl looking like tall glass of caramel syrup. 

Enjoy the video if you have not seen it already.  

( If you are unable to see the video click the link  )

You can find me not dancing @4EverYoungMsD on Twitter and what not.

Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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