Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hash-Tag Workflow

I’m pretty random sometimes.  So one morning while I was checking my emails, making copies and working super hard (insert cough and side eye glance) I casually asked one of coworkers “how do you show a man appreciation?”  Without even blinking, because she’s already used to my randomness by now, she said that she would simply just tell him.  Oh ok gotcha.  Another coworker piped in and stated that she would buy him a gift or take him out to dinner.  Oh ok not a bad idea there.  Then my supervisor said that she would get him a nice bouquet of flowers.  Oh ok…wait what?  So of course I had to go and ask her “do men even like to get flowers?”

Me personally, I don’t know any man who likes to get flowers. But lord knows I’m not a love guru nor do I understand anything that goes through the mind of the opposite sex.  Therefore, just for fun I decided to take a poll in regards to this water cooler conversation.

I asked various guys and gals “Do men like to receive flowers?” Oh boy!  If only I had a video camera with me so I can just visually show y’all what happened and everyone could just enjoy a good laugh.  But I didn't have one, sorry.  Like seriously, this conversation went on for hours, days even!  Literally everyone had something to say.  I didn't know it would spark such a great debate.  I mean people started fighting, kicking, screaming and pulling each other’s hair out and everything Lord Jesus.  Eventually I had to run out of the office and go back to my pretend working. 

Ok so obviously I’m exaggerating, but anyway here were the some responses I received:
  • “Men like a little recognition and appreciation when we acknowledging them, but most men don’t want no damn flowers”
  • “The men I know have enjoyed receiving flowers because no one has ever done that for them before.  It’s shocking to them because they have never experienced it and have actually found it sweet”
  • “No we don’t, we want money or sex or both, not flowers”
  • “Hell no!”
  • “Nah”
  • “Definitely not.  Guys aren’t sentimental like that.  I would prefer some Tag body spray over flowers any day”
  • “What real man wants flowers?”
  • “In my opinion only, men like to feel appreciated so any form of gratitude appeals to a man.”
  • “I don’t know any guy who’s going to be like ‘Yo guess what?!  My girl got me flowers son’ so I don’t know I guess I’d just smell and be like WTF”
  • “Nope no flowers, just sex”
  • “No, because flowers are for girls”

Welp…guess I got my question answered and I probably won’t be opening my big mouth again…for the rest of the week day…maybe.  So overall, I’m pretty sure you can conclude for yourselves that the majority felt giving a man flowers was a nice idea.  However, they would only accept them because they didn't want to seem ungrateful.  Oh who am I kidding?  Men just want sex!

So until next time, join in on the conversation and let me know your opinions.
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I have receive flowers before. I welcome it. It may be the only thing the girl can do, at the time. As all the of the comments from people above. None of them sounded appreciative of the gift and thought that went into the gift. A "Real Man" knows how to appreciate the finer things in life rather than just his base desires.

  2. I think it depends on the guy and yes they definitely just want sex but if your man know how you are you can get him ANYTHING, lol and he just knows he needs to be grateful if he want some. I might just get the hubby some flowers just because of your post and see how it goes, of course there is a also a cultural difference but we are not going there in the comment section.

  3. @Endraxz thank you for your comment, I appreciate a different view on the topic @nowhatbeauty please let me know his reaction when you give them to him, thanx for reading guys


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