Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seasonal Depression OOTD: Black and Neon

Hi, I know what you’re thinking about the title, another pity post?  But just hear me out and let me explain.  I live in the New York City area so of course we experience a change of season and weather.  During the winter months I’m much more sluggish and sometimes I find myself not wanting to do as much.  I’d rather much stay home, not go out and I don’t really like to get even get dressed up.  I basically just do not feel like myself.  Now I don’t know if a lot of people suffer with seasonal depression, more clinically know as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, but one way I do try to combat the symptoms it is by taking St. Johns Wort supplement tablets.  St. John’s Wort promotes a positive mood and they are completely natural and safe.  I also take vitamin D since in the winter it gets darker much earlier and the lack of sunlight can result in a vitamin D deficiency.

Moreover, in the winter my wardrobe pretty much ranges from different shades of black or grey.  So when the weather gets a little warmer I can’t wait to throw on my booty shorts, hoody and UGG boots…No but seriously, I do try to transition out of my winter funk into spring.  Although I still love my dark colors and neutrals, a little pop of color puts a little more pep in my step when I'm running to catch my 7:55am train these recent spring mornings.

Now for this particular outfit I was heading to my friend’s baby shower (hey Mey).  After ransacking the hell out of my room and shopping in my closet, I was able to come up with this outfit for the day.  So check out my pics! Now! Grrrrrr

Oh by the way be prepared for some sexy goofiness overload :)

Oh and I’m not a doctor or a fashionista :)


Outfit details:
Black and white sheer top: random NYC boutique
Heart shaped belt: XXI
Orange neon pants: Bon Bini
Tan ankle strap pumps:
3 ½ sleeve blazer: H&M         
Bag: Michael Kors

Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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