Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Hello young lovers, so there is this new YouTube web show that I recently started watching called “Hello Cupid.”  Its plot is based on 2 girls living together in LA, both single and both trying online dating for the first time.  The plot of the series so far is pretty ok in my opinion.  However, I didn't really come here to talk about the show but more of the subject of online dating (a subject that has been tackled ever so many times).

One weekend, I was chatting it up with a friend who has recently gotten back on the dating scene after being married for 11 years and divorced for a year.  She casually mentioned to me that she began meeting guys online and eventually going out on dates.  (Oh and there is a reason I stated meeting online because you’re supposed to eventually date in REAL life).  Anyway, she also told me how she also met a guy recently on the street.  He approached her while she was in Central Park having lunch and asked her for her number.  But she said that things didn't work out in the end.  But the kicker is, she said she wasn't most disappointed in the fact that he flaked, but that she wanted wouldn't be able to tell people the cute story on how they met. (Insert blank stare) Huh?  She explained that she would have been relieved to not have to tell people that she met him online, but rather organically and face to face. 

Now I will tell you this.  I’m a sucker for a good love story.  I've always been interested in hearing how people meet.  I stalk Essence.com every Wednesday so I can read there “Bridal Bliss” column and I always look forward to reading how the couples met.  There is also another show on TLC I watch called “Say Yes to Dress” and my favorite part is when the sales consultant sits down and asks the client about her fiancĂ©.
But so what if you met online?  What’s the big deal?   Does it matter how you met or does it matter the fact that ya’ll did meet.  (Of course there are some exceptions i.e.; if he’s your bff’s ex, or he was a prisoner and you were a CO)  But in the end, who really cares if y’all met online?  Its 2013, online meeting (then dating) in my opinion is a sure fire way to find a relationship, not the only way, but it’s still a good way.

Back in the day there was no internet, so people met by going to sock hops or however the hell they got down.  But times have changed so our ways of living have changed.  We don’t bank the way we used to.  We use mobile banking now and can even take a picture of checks and deposit it straight in our account.   We don’t travel the way we used to.  Who still uses a travel agent?  No honey, I sure do log right into Cheapcarribean.com and book my trips right on that good ole’ internet.  We don’t have to go to the store anymore.  I sure do hop right onto Amazon.com and enter a promo code to get free shipping.  So obviously we don’t have to date the way we used to date anymore, so what’s wrong with taking it online too?

I guess the problem is people feel that it’s being lazy or worse its being “thirsty.”  But to me, “thirsty” is wanting someone who just doesn't want you back.  There is a YouTuber’s channel I follow who let her subscribers ask her personal random questions.  The most popular question they asked, was how she met her current boyfriend, who was also a fellow YouTuber.  And guess how they met…no really guess.  On YouTube!!   Well would you look at that.  One day he watched her video, thought she was cute, contacted her and she wrote him back.  Did I mention he lived in the US and she lives in the UK?  Yeah so is he thirsty?  He found the love of his life online and traveled half the damn way across the world to meet her.  That ain't thirsty, that’s romantic!  Pursuing someone online, making a good attempt or at least a B- effort to try to meet someone is not desperate.  You probably would have never met that person in real life.  There are a lot of shy people out there that may not have approached you.  Plus I mean isn't that what social media is for, for socializing?

Thanks for reading- Ms. D


  1. lol i feel your friend on the story.lol its not socially correct to meet people online but people are doing it.

  2. i know a lot of people who have met and got married, i mean i can see both sides

  3. Online dating is like a Monster jobs search.

  4. but when you eventually find the job, is'ny it awesome and worth the work you put in? :)


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