Monday, May 27, 2013

My NYC Stay-Cation

Hi my Young Lovas! OK initially I said I wasn't going to do anymore posts until I revamped the aesthetics of my blog, but it’s taking entirely too long, and once you get the itch to blog something, it must be scratched.
So here we go…Hmm, I’m kind of cheap frugal.  (I actually will be making a post on how I try to save money later on).  This Memorial Day weekend I wasn't traveling to Vegas, Miami, Cancun or any of those places.  I was staying in good ole’ NYC.  I don’t get to go out too much.  I would like to get out more but I also refuse to pay $30-$35 to go to any nightclub where you get dressed up to stand around in the dark and listen to the same music they overplay on the radio,  just at a higher more annoying volume.  Oh or pay 10$ for a bottle of water and have some “wanna be” pretty boy grope you the whole time.  Geez.  Therefore, I was more than determined to spend little to no money to go out.  I used my favorite search engine as well as made post on Twitter and IG (to no avail).  However, I was eventually able to find three places to go this weekend, on the low-low and actually had a pretty good time.  My budget $75…because well, it is still NYC.  So did I keep my budget?  Let’s see.

Thanks for reading guys- Ms. D

(By the way this post is kind of like review and OOTD combines, so bare with me.)

Saturday Afternoon

  The National Underground.  Located on 159 Houston St, NY, NY

The village will always be the village.  This is the village area right?  You know those people that purposely go out of their way to look like the rolled out of bed and didn’t shower?  Well that’s what this place offer.  It’s literally supposed to look like a hole in the wall on purpose.  Happy hour ended at 6pm even on the weekends.  Whoo-hoo!  They did have a house band that played, but it wasn’t my type of music as the played country.  But I must say that the FREE spicy popcorn beef sliders and fried potatoes I ordered were actually surprisingly delicious.  After my meal I just threw everything on the floor because the place was trash anyway.  Ok just kidding but I probably will only return unless it’s out of sheer boredom.  Total amount of money spent -$31.00

Saturday Night

The Living Room.  Located on 154 Ludlow St, NY, NY

So my friend I shimmied on trying to bar hop but it was an absolute fail since it was such a cold spring night.  So we ran into the closest bar we saw with the shortest line.  We ended up at another music venue.  This place also had no cover as well as drink specials.  I enjoyed white wine Sangria, which was beyond delicious.  They had a different band that played every hour, but to sit in that performance area there was a 10$ minimum as well as a donation and gratuity.  Ehhhh…remember when I said I as cheap?  So anyway we decided against the band and just enjoyed the lounge are and people watching.  The patrons were beyond hilarious and I had a good time watching the token gay white guy dance with the token black girl (was that offensive? I apologize in advance).  Total amount of money spent- $7.00

Sunday Night

Empire Rooftop Lounge.  Located on 44 W. 63rd St, NY, NY

Sunday night was the best night.  After getting no help from twitter of IG, as everyone on there are “ballers” who all wanted to spend hundreds of dollars this weekend on covers a bottle service.  My friend and I called up some places we've already been to and found a free party at Empire Rooftop.  The venue is lovely, great view of the city as well.  It was really nice, we ate, they also had drink specials.  They played a good mix of top 40’s music, which I really enjoyed.  Oh yeah and it wasn't a sweat box and there was actually somewhere to sit and talk if you chose to.  Best part, no groping.  Geez.  Total amount spent- $32.00

And whats a night out without a mini photo-shoot?

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P.S. Saturday's OOTD: Jacket-H&M, Black & white polka dot sweater-XXI, Black leggings-Ladies Dr. Jays, Black wedge

Sunday's OOTD: Purple dress-XXI, Rhinestone belt-Target, Black ankle strap, Black clutch- Received as a gift

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013: Trash Theme

OK so I will be the first to proclaim that I am not a "fashionista."  But after last night's Met Gala, I just need someone to remind me again what's "hot" or "in" because I just don't get "it."  Now I understand a theme is a theme, so everyone was going for "punk rock" but these photos are giving me "puke rock" and making me gag, and not in a good way.  First let’s take a look at Maxim Magazine's hottest women of the year.  No really just look.

Miley Cyrus

OMG I love.. OK I like..alright I lik-ED Kim Kardashian for a little while.  But this picture just makes me simply hate here all over again and again.  And Kanye is giving me pure creep mode.  Ugh, I shiver every-time I look at this.  Kim has on a full floral body suit with a side split and MATCHING shoes!  Kanye looks like a farmer so I guess I see where they were trying to go with this, but I want them to go home...and put Kim on bed-rest already.  The lady is dazed, confused, swollen and tired.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

I’m sorry but who invited you anyway?  We can all see you don't want be here.

Nicki Minaj

Well, anyone who knows me know how I feel about this lady after she stole my man…enough said.  Humph…this gives me dust, pure dry desert...sorry.

Jessica Biel

Last but not least, why B. why? How can you go from your H&M campaign to this?  I swear I've even seen that belt in Rainbow…this makes me so sad.


There are so many more, so you can check out the rest of the pictures here:

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