Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little White Dress

Hi Young Luvies, happy summer, finally, yay!  Any who, occasionally I decided to come out from under my books and have a life.  Of course its summer and you have to look great.  Sometimes finding something to wear is the worst thing ever.  So this past weekend, my friend Ash from college, had her “Golden Birthday” celebration.   It was an all-white affair.  (But like what’s a summer without an all-white party tho?)  The problem was the dress that I originally bought to wear I decided against it and returned it.  OK fine, I didn't want to spend any money, gosh.   I remember an era when I cared what people on social media thought.  I refused to post a picture of any outfit I already wore.  Silly right?  No matter what discount I can find, I am not buying new stuff all the time for every single occasion.  Plus I love taking "pik-chas" and I love my signature pose.  HA!  So, the past couple times I've been out, I did not buy anything new.  I still wanted to look good.  Check.  It needed to be something I actually wanted to wear.  Check.  Something that fit well and had already done my body right before.  Check, Check.   So why not up-cycle?  Shout out to changing it up lil' and making it work :)

Thanks for reading and enjoy the view -Ms. D                                                                                            

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mirror flick like whoa
the lighting makes my shoes look bluer 
excuse el suitcase

Vegas January 2013:

Dress: XXI, shoes: Bakers, bag:

NYC June 2013:

Dress: XXI, shoes: Jessica Simpson, bag: Necessary Objects, belt: XXI

Party "Pick-chas"

Birthday girl in the middle
The 3 of us
Me n the Non