Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthday on a Budget

Yep, that’s the title and I’m sticking to it...  

Hi Young Luvies, so this weekend was my birthday weekend ( Please check previous post if you’re interested in my birthday OOTD. )

Friday night headed to XVI lounge on 48th street in midtown Manhattan.  They had a rooftop after work party.

Cost: It was supposed to be free entry before 8 pm with drink specials for $5-$8 for beer, wine or mixed drinks.  If you’re not from NYC these prices probably seem a little outrageous, but in NYC this is pretty good.  Anyway I'm not even going to GO there with this place, however I did write a reviews on You can check it out here ---------> XVI review

Anyway enough about them (insert eye roll here)

Saturday afternoon I headed to Crema Restaurant, a Mexican spot located in the lower west side.  We went there for their unlimited mimosa brunch.

Cost:  $19.99 per person for one hour including unlimited mimosas, coffee, teas and one entrĂ©e.

I had a great time, the food was really good and it's a small cute place to sit and eat and have a drink or two.

After that we headed down the same street to do some Karaoke at Karaoke One Seven also located on W. 17th street.

Cost: Happy hour included half price drinks from 4-7 and it was $4 per person per hour for a private room.

Very, very fun time!!!  Almost lost my voice.  If you check in before 6 pm you can actually get happy hour prices until 8 pm.  We reserved a room and sang, and drank and well…just look at the pics.

Any other July birthdays out there? If so how did/will you celebrate?

Thanks for reading, see ya soon

- Ms. D

Wish me a happy birthday @4everyoungMsD

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