Sunday, July 14, 2013

For Ladies Who Brunch

Hi my Young Lovers, so this past Saturday was my 28th birthday.  I realized that the thought of partying past 12:00 am was frightening.  I mean when I started counting the hours of sleep I would get the next day, I just opted against it.  So instead of a night celebration, I said “Hey!” “It’s your birth-day” key word day.  So why not enjoy the beautiful summer, the day time and the sunshine?  Cus' I be tired n' stuff.  So I went for brunch…which was more like “linner” and a lil’ karaoke. (Want my review about the places I went then go ahead and check my other post)

I wanted flirty and feminine feel and to be comfortable of course.  But then I realized, I don’t think I've ever been to brunch.  What does one wear to brunch??  I Yahooed and Binged a few ideas (I was just so over Google that day).  These were some ideas I got.


-No Jeans preferably
-Simple hair
-Do not over do the jewelry
-A floral print or an elegant patterned dress.

So after going on a damn mission to fit all of the above, this is what I came up with.  I think I did Ok. (Oh and my dress was a little small but I managed to breathe all night being as I’m still alive and all)

Dress: One Clothing via Marshalls
Belt: XXI
Shoes: Alrisco via Ebay
Rose Gold Watch: Amazon
Quilted Bag:
Nails: "Orange it Obvious" by Essie

Uhmmmm so why don't you just send me a b-day wish or something?  
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Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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