Thursday, August 15, 2013

DatingDionne101 #3 Romance vs Finance

Quick question here if you can help a sista figure this out.

Is it appropriate to ask a person how much they make when you first start dating?  

I understand the importance of knowing if the person does have a job, career, in school etc.  As an adult you have to have some form of income.  No romance with finance right?  Also, obviously for conversation wise you would talk to each other about what yawl do for a living.  However, in first meeting a person and dating for a short time, would you want to know how much the person actually makes?  If so why?

Please comment below and as always thanks for reading

-Ms. D


  1. It depends on how you ask I think. If you make it sound like its a top priority issue then no but if the conversation leads to it or you can lead it to it then yeah.

    1. So how would u ask, I'm curious to know?


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