Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girls Love Beyoncé

Hey Young Lovlies, so this past Monday I went to the Beyoncé concert at Barclay's Center in BROOKLYN…whooo.  I bought the tickets from April so the anticipation was real.  Tickets were very hard to get as you can imagine, especially for the last show in her new NYC home with her boo (well it was supposed to be the last show at the time).  Getting the tickets took the efforts of about 4 people constantly refreshing the Ticketmaster page, but finally we got through.  There is no real point in telling you how awesome the concert was but I will post a few pick-chas from the show.  Of course she killed it and it was epic.  Oh and props to Luke James for opening up the show.  If I didn't know who he was before, I definitely know his name now.  The point is when I called Beyoncé earlier that day like “Uhm B. what you want me to wear tonight?”  She was like “Just do you like you always do D.”

Anyway I love me a black and white ensemble so I knew that was my only option.  The week before I went to Ladies Dr. Jays, just browsing and I actually found a faux leather skater skirt that I actually liked.  So I know I had to find something that went with that.  After going through Pinterest for a little bit, here were my mini inspirations:

Here is the look I ended up with.  What do you think?

As always thanks for reading.

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Will post concert pics soon but in the meantime check out this awesome cover of Drake’s “Girls love Beyoncé”

Update! Here are some concert pics. Who wants to get me tix for December?


  1. Just stating the obvious but you look awesome and it look like you enjoyed yourself.. dopeness kid.


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