Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Hola jovenes amantes, this past week I went on a much needed and desired vacation.  I was blessed to be able to travel to the beautiful island of Costa Rica.  I decided to do a simple recap and review of my trip.  

Day 1: Arrival

Barceló San Jose Palacio

I enjoyed this hotel.  The reviews on it were mixed however most people still gave it 4 out of 5 stars.  My package includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast.  You know I need my internet and my food.  The breakfast every morning was delicious.  They served typical Costa Rican breakfast that always included rice and beans.  The hotel is located right off the high way so I had no choice but to take a taxi to go into the city.  Expect to pay at least $10 US dollars for 5,000 Colons per trip.  I suggest going with other guest who are also going that way to keep cost down.

Multiplaza Shopping Mall in Escazú

This was a very nice mall it had typical stores you would find in the US including Forever 21, Gap, M.A.C etc.  You won’t find many English speaking people here, but they did offer free Wi-Fi so I was able to use Google translate here. They also had a Supermarket so I was able to stock up on some snacks. 

Day 2: Combo Tour

Doka estate coffee tour

The first part was a total history lesson, no one really wants to learn on vacation but sometimes you need to be learnt and cultured and stuff so you don’t sound ignorant when talking to rich folk.

Irazú Volcano

The Irazú Volcano is an active volcano in Costa Rica froze my but off here the weather changes drastically.

La Paz waterfall gardens

This place is home to many rescued animals.  We went down 300 steps and then up 100 steps.  Also the weather changes drastically in the rainforest, it gets cold quick so button up..

El Bosque Bar

This bar is located within my hotel.  Happy hours or feliz de hora was from 7pm-9pm.  They also had live music and 2 for one drinks.  Thanks Barcelo.

Day 3: Exploration

Downtown San José

Attempted to go to the Gold Museum or Museo De Ore, however the language barrier between the workers and I was impossible for them to understand I wanted my international visitors discount the offered.  You know I don’t play those games.  Suggestion to owners, please hire someone who speaks a tiny bit of English to work your tourist attraction areas. 

Day 4: Beach Excursion

Tortuga Island

I highly recommend this excursion with calypso tours.  The tour picks you up and takes you to the city of Puntarenas on a catamaran ride that ends on Isla de Tortuga or Turtle Island.  We spent 5 hours on the beach and enjoyed every minute of it.  It rained the night before so there were a lot of sediments in the water but as the tides changed the water became clearer.  I do not know how to swim unfortunately, so I wasn’t able to go snorkeling.  However, I did get to meet life partners Paco and Lola as well as my new pet pig.  I also enjoyed a cool surf ride on a banana boat.

Day 5: Departure

Juan Santamaría International Airport

Located about 20 minutes from my hotel and it is a pretty small airport.  Look out for that $29 departure tax, and don’t bother buying any liquids while in the terminal they will still take it from you when you get on the plane -_-

As always thanks for reading -Ms. D

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