Monday, August 19, 2013

What You Said Now? 2 for 1?

***Bursts out into song, Gleeks and tap dances soul way****

Hi Young Loves, ittsssss back.  Yes yes yes, Broadway Week as returned.  Hopefully, this year I will be able to indulge once again.  So far I have participated in Broadway Week for the past two years.  So far I have watched Mary Poppins, Priscilla Queen of the Damned, Sister Act and Cinderella. 

Off Broadway Week I got to enjoy the show Avenue Q. 

That show is so funny, I highly recommend it.  But just because there are puppets, does not mean it’s for kiddies, so you have been warned.  It was just the kind of sarcastic humor that I love.  Also, why is Sister Act not still on Broadway?  Not that was a good show.  Anyway this is not the point of the post. 

We all know I luvs me a discount.  Broadway Week offers theater goers two-for-one tickets to Broadway shows.  So you and your friend, mother, sister, cousin can go half on tickets prices if you so desire and still enjoy great seats.  Or…cough…you cheap bastards who never take your girl anywhere can finally take her somewhere nice this fall.

Anyway Broadway week runs from September 2nd to the 15th (I’m just upset that Motown the Musical is not an option) so New Yorkers and those that want to come visit, go get you some.  Try visiting for the shows playing and to buy tickets

As always thanks for reading.  Any show you’ve been dying to see?  Do tell.

Hopefully catch me on Broadway @4EverYoungMsD

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