Monday, September 2, 2013

I love Saving Money

 “I don’t think a savvy shopper has to buy government cheese to save money, I think a good shopper gets Ricotta for half the price at least” -Ms.D

Ok so that might not be the best metaphor on earth, but you can get my drift.  Earlier last week I was speaking with an associate of mine who wanted to come up with some ideas for a pod cast.  So he asked me something’s that I like and what interests me.  So basically during the midst of the conversation, those words above came out my mouth and I quickly tweeted it as I do many of my witty comments.

At the end of the day, I am no financial expert.  I’m what I like to call…frugal.  Furthermore, I hate spending retail.  However, I did one learn from one of my favorite bloggers, Demetria Lucas, that "if you are going to spend frivolously then let it be on experiences and not things."  And to add to that, granted there are things that you need to just pay full price for, especially if it’s urgent.  But a lot of times, people will not bother to look for bargains.  It can just be out of pure laziness and not because they have money to waste.  So I just wanted to share three money saving tips I have used that even the laziest of “barganistas” can benefit from.

1-Cash Back Services  
Many credit cards offer cash back on most purchases online or in store. is a website that offers cash back to customers for shopping online at their favorite store.  In total I have earned and received over $200 just for shopping at stores that I shop at anyway.  Customers can also receive 5$ bonus for referring people who sign up and then shop.  Now with that being said, click my link I provided below and join hmmm k.

So for example, if offers 2.0% cash back for shopping at Target, and your credit card provider offer 3.0% cash back for any purchase, then go ahead and combine the two.  Even better, during holidays like LABOR DAY weekend, sometimes the cash back offers are DOUBLED. (Can you smell my excitement?)

2-Take advantage of promotions/specials

This may seem like be a given, but I don’t exactly mean sales.  For example, around February and September in NYC is Restaurant Week and Broadway Week.  This isn’t anything new, but I feel like every time I mention it to people they have no clue what I am talking about.  During this week, 4 to 5 star restaurants (that I wouldn’t dear step foot in any other time) offer pre-fixed lunches and dinners for a significant discounted price to promote there restaurant.  It’s also really easy to set up reservations through  Also, during Broadway Week and Off Broadway Week, you can get 2 Broadway tickets for the price of 1! (this is me now sighing and swooning)  So that boyfriend that never takes you anywhere nice…well here you go!

3- Bill Me Later is a service offered through PayPal.  The easiest way for me to describe it is to call it an online credit card.  However, most of the time it allows for 6 months interest free before you have to pay anything back.  If you use it with you can earn extra eBay Bucks.  (I’m telling you this is a foreign language to some people)  I utilize mostly when I book most of my trips with other people.  This way I can snatch up the best price ASAP.  And then since it’s pretty much like online lay-a-way, then my friends get a whole 6 months to pay be back before I get charged any goddamn fees.

Ok so like I said, I am no expert, so if anyone has any tips to share, I would gladly appreciate then.
Thanks for reading, and happy shopping.

Come find me bargain hunting @4EverYoungMsD. 

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