Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Place to Go

Yesterday was my father’s birthday and to celebrate we went out to eat.  We decided we wanted Jamaican food, well because we’re Jamaican…I’m Jamaican by the way if I’ve never mentioned that.  So anyway, I’ve already been to a few popular NYC Caribbean restaurants such as Negril Village, Sugar Cane and Footprints.  I loved them all but I wanted to find another Caribbean restaurant that was not so far from where I lived…I’m from the Bronx if I’ve never mentioned that either.  (Look at us getting to know each other and stuff)  Anyway, I used my favorite search engine Yelp and found A Place to Go.  No, literally that’s the name.  So cute I love it.  The meal was absolutely delicious.  If I had to choose a favorite it was the jerk chicken spring rolls.  If you’re ever in New Rochelle, NY check this place out.  They also have live RnB music on Thursday nights and live reggae music on Friday nights.  Oh and it’s not that expensive, so guys…date night.

So check out some of my pictures below, and I’ll talk to ya later- Ms. D

 I stay ready

Virgin Pina Colada, taste like ice cream

 Jerk chicken spring rolls

Jerk chicken

Oxtails, sweet potato waffle fries and chicken Rasta Pasta

Find me stuffing my face with Rasta Pasta @4EverYoungMsD

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