Thursday, November 14, 2013

DatingDionne101 #5 Faux Worry, Be Happy

Hi young loves, I’m here after a mini hiatus (which isn’t over by the way) but I just wanted to share a few thoughts because there was some foolishness all over my timeline this week. 
Hmmmm ok, so the ballpark of $40,000-$50,000 a year is an average salary right?  A good salary, but still average.  Therefore, it doesn’t not put you in the “gold-digger” category, sorry I don’t know how else to put it.  So why are some men really worried about gold-diggers anyway?  These fears are baseless and irrational.

But before I go any further,  first and foremost if you’re a guy and you meet a girl, and you find her attractive, like her, and you ask her on a 1st date, pay for the damn date.  PERIOD.  Point blank, I don’t care.  I don’t care, I don’t care, and I said I don’t care what nobody gotta say.  Do not bring up later that she ordered a steak and you spent 80$ so now it means she should do something for you or to you. (Rolls eyes)  If you don’t want to spend that much or you don’t really have it, then go find a nice happy hour spot or a coffee shop or something.  If you don’t want to spend anything at all, then don’t ask her to go.  Yes, women can be independent, and we can vote, and we own businesses, and we’re CEO’s, lawyers and doctors etc. etc., but we are still women!  So we wanna to be treated like ladies n’ shit geez.

Uhm what was it my girl Lauryn Hill said?

Okay back to my point… If you have your own car and you rent you a nice place?  Great! That’s awesome and they’re things that you should want as a grown-up.  You have things going for you, you have a cool personality and a woman shows interest in you, then uhm maybe she just might be into you.  Every woman you meet is not trying to “get you” for a few bucks.  Why do you think so many women have time to just go out with you for a free meal?  Like seriously, stop trying to “prove” a girl doesn’t want you for your money (that you don’t really have) by being stingy or not spending any money on a date or asking her to spend money on you as a way of buying your affection.  Now if she chooses to do it on her own, that’s different, but do not ask.  That’s just…ugh…kinda lame. 

Like honestly, unless you’re making over $100,000 a year or something, have zero debt, own property, you’re not so uhmmmmmm “attractive” and your personality SUCKS, then maybe, just maybe you should be on the lookout for these type of gold-digging “women.”  But if you’re so fly, then why wouldn’t she be feeling you?

Oh and stop saying thing like “oh I want to feel special too.”  Sir, you will feel special.  But make her feel special first!  Trust me once a woman knows you’re into her, she is going to go HARD for you?

Peep this lil’ meme right here

Just my 2 cents, but don’t listen to me anyway, I don’t even know what I’m talking about –Ms. D
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