Friday, November 29, 2013

Gift Ideas for Guys

No clue what to get your guy for Christmas this year?  Well...I don’t know either.  Hands down I think shopping for guys I think is quite difficult.  Mostly because when you think you understand them, they will turn around and tell you they want to be a photographer and next week they want to be a singer but last week they wanted to be a cop.  So anyway ladies, let’s accept the fact that we will never fully understand them and surprising them is probably out of the question.  So let’s just buy them whatever the hell we want.

Before we continue just want you to know that I’m obsessed with Pinterest, so you can follow my “Gift Ideas for Guys” Pinterest board here.

Also, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can also sign up with Ebates and get cash back on your online purchases here.  Because I know none of ya’ll are really trying to stand up in them crazy lines right.  But if you are…more power to you

So here are some gift ideas I found.  Enjoy.  Oh and you’re welcome. –Ms. D

1-Tech Gift Ideas

Media Stream Player- So most of us have Netflix of Hulu anyway and the most basics of cable.  So to be able to stream movies from the internet is pretty cool.  This isn’t really a new concept but for those who it is new to…WWOOOOWWWW!!!  AMAAAZZZINNGGG!!!

A Smart Watch- The internet on your wrist…enough said

A Game Console- I won’t even pretend to know the difference between the two, but if you feel like adding to his addiction this holiday, go ahead.

A Phone- This is always a good idea, especially if he is eligible for an upgrade

Smart Gloves- For the Social Media fiends, he can check up your Instagram posts in the freezing cold without getting frost bite

2- Fresh and Clean Ideas

Signature Scents- Why wouldn’t you want a man whosmells like money?

Skin Care Items- Who said guys don’t need to take care of their skin, hook him up with something to help maintain his sexy.

3- Apparel and Accessories

A Coat- I mean it is winter

Bag- A bag for travel or for work

Socks- A man can never have enough socks, especially if he works out or plays sports

Belt- A nice belt to hold up is probably sagging jeans

PS You can have your Black Friday, I’m here for Cyber Monday.  Catch me doing all my Christmas shopping right behind my laptop @4everYoungMsd

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