Monday, April 28, 2014

6 Tips To A Healthier Lunch Break

As I sit here snacking on my Popcorners (they're so good have you tried them)

I was figuring out what I’m actually going to have for lunch.  Where I work there are not that many options for a good healthy meal.  I’m a sucker for fried chicken wings, tostones and a can of Pepsi.  However since I’ve been on this health kick, I’m trying to avoid those things.  

Oh also just for the record, I’m not trying to lose any weight per se.  I just want to be healthier and take better care of this one body that I have.  Plus…

I follow @mankofit on Instagram, and she posted the other day about how she didn't prepare for a trip and needed to find a decent and healthy lunch.  So she went to Wendy’s.  Finding a proper meal is hard but it’s doable.

So here are 5 ways to a healthier lunch break…especially when you’re surrounded by fast food places that just won’t let you be great.

1- In the mood for a sandwich?  
Go to Subway.  If I am going to choose fast food, this is usually where I will opt for.  For example, you can get a 6” sandwich.  Choose wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers with no mayo.  For the meat go for oven roasted chicken.  Yummy right?

2- Don’t want to eat anything all day?
Well then don't, it’ll keep you skinny.  LOL I’m just kidding ignore this one.

3- It needs to be quick because you only have 15 minutes?  
So head on over to McDonalds.  Order a Premium Southwest Salad with grilled chicken.  If you want you can also get some apple slices or a Fruit and yogurt parfait for dessert.

4- So you want to feel like you have a home cooked meal?  
Well alright then try KFC.  Instead of fried go for the grilled chicken breast.  You can have a side of mash potatoes but lay off the gravy.  You can also go for a side of green beans.

5- You’re a more of a burger type of person? 
Hmmm ok, why don’t try Burger King.  Try a Morning Star Veggie burger.  You can even wash it down with a delicious Real fruitsmoothie.

6- The weather sucks and you hate going outside, and you hate waiting in lines, and you hate people and you hate spending money?  
Well aren't you demanding, but I got you.  How about you pack your own lunch.
This is kind of a given and there are a few benefits to this.  First off, it will totally save you time and money during your break.  Also it gives you control over what you eat.

Well there you have it folks, now remember I’m not a nutritionist, but I do have a background in health science so I do know a little something.  I also have a background in social work, so I do love to help.  

As always thanks for reading-Ms. D.  Catch me during my lunch break @YoungEqualsForever

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sipping from my cup till it runneth over, HOLY GRAIL

A Holy Grail product is a product that you find yourself buying over and over again.  It’s a constant staple in your regime.  Personally I have very few things I have found to work for me when it comes to my skin.  My skin type is oily/combination and I have hyper pigmentation.  I have some dry areas but mostly my forehead, nose and neck get really shiny.  Also my skin is really sensitive (Actually my whole body is but I’m going to do a post on that another time).  So there have been lots of trial and error.  A lot of horrible experiences with products that left me looking too light, too dark, too ashy or too shiny.  And let’s not even talk about wearing make-up in the summer time!

Now as cheap frugal I am, one thing I don’t really play around with is what I put on my face or in my hair.  A few of the make-up products I use just happen to be MAC products.  When I first really got into finding the right make up for my complexion and skin type, these have been the only ones that have kept coming back to.  The thing with MAC though, is that from when I first started purchasing from them to now, I have seen a serious price increase.  I mean come one MAC I’m sure you’re not doing bad.  I know there are a lot of other brands out there, which I also love, but come on, no one is never never never going to stop buying MAC.  Actually, women will never ever ever EVER stop wearing make-up in general.  If they do we might as well prepare for the zombie apocalypse because once that happens, that’s how everyone is going to be looking.  

Ok just kidding…but still. 

I am not a make-up artist or a beauty guru, but I am a girl and I do wear make-up so that must qualify me for something right?  So here are my Holy Grail make-up staples that I will never ever ever ever go without.   Even if…dare I say it…the price increases more. AHHHHHHHHH!

Proper Priming
Black Radiance primer and Philips MOM.  These 2 together help keep me from looking like a shiny black bowling ball.  In the summer months I use them both together.  When it’s a little cooler I can actually go with other priming at all, but I usually will prime with the Black Radiance primer.

Correct Concealing

Both are in the color NW45 and I use the Studio Finish for concealing under my eyes and the Select Cover-Up I use for concealing dark spots on the rest of my face.

Liquid Love
Revlon's Colorstay.  I've used cream foundations and they work okay for me, I used to use MAC studio tech, I found Revlon’s Color-Stay works the best, it last all day and doesn’t rub off like crazy on my shirt collar.  Now there’s not really a true measurement I have when it comes to mixing the 2 colors, but I would say maybe I use 2/3 cappuccino and 1/3 caramel.  **shrugs**

Brushes Baby

Elf and Sonia Kashuk powder brushes.  I used to only use my finger tips to put my make up on.  I then moved on to sponges and I do occasionally use a beauty-blender.  However, they collect way too much bacteria and I kept throwing them out.  Plus I have found that nothing works better than a flat top kabuki brush.  I honestly cannot chose between these two.  (I definitely didn’t want to say the ELF one since it’s only $3 and I didn’t want ya'll saying that’s why I picked it  One works the best for blending make-up around my under eye areas and the other is best for blending into my hair line.  So they both make the cut.  

Polish it off with Powder (boy when I stick to a theme I stick to it!)

This is what I use to set my liquid foundation…that’s it

Super Set

Again I can’t choose between these two and price isn’t a factor.  I use either one to set my entire face and to give myself some moisture if the powder has me looking too dry.  However I will say the ELF is easier from traveling but the MAC fix+ has a way better scent…I still can’t decide though.

What do you think?

As always thank you for reading.- Ms. D

Let me know some of your Holy Grail staples in the comment section below.  
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diet Fail But Here Are 6 Health Tips Anyway

Hey Young Loves, originally I was going to write this post at the start of summer with awesome news while being uber proud of myself but…that’s not going to happen. 
So let me start from the beginning.  In the beginning of March, I decided to do a little “March Make-Over.”  Not your typical beauty make-over, but a health and wellness make-over.  I was READY.  How you look on the outside doesn’t really matter if you feel like crap on the inside.  Lately I’ve been feeling so heavy, tired, stressed out and weighed down.  I realized that I need to take some freaking better care of myself man. 

I started out really well, I was cutting out sugar, making healthier food options and even started exercising.  I was going to be summer READY (even though this isn’t about looks I swear.)  Then someone handed me a slice of red velvet cake…and I caved.  Oh I swear the flesh is so weak.  I mean I almost don’t even remember eating it, I just remember staring down at that empty Dixie paper plate as I was licking off that plastic fork. ***Hangs head in shame***

So I had given up for a while.  However, a few days later, I realized spring wasn’t over, life surely isn’t over and I didn’t need to be so hard on myself.  So now I’m basically writing this blog as a way to encourage myself again and maybe someone else.

I’m no @Mankofit or anything of the sort.  I do however have a useless degree in Health Science so I do know a little something.  So below are a couple of the baby steps I’m back to taking to get it together.

1-   So remember what I said about looking good on the outside doesn’t matter.  Welp, I LIED.  Of course it matters.  It’s super important to me that I keep myself from looking how I feel some days.  I am trying to keep my skin and my eyes moisturized.  A dab of eye cream goes a long way to smooth out dark circles and under eye bags which makes you look tired and just bad.


2-   Like I mentioned before, I’m gradually cutting out a lot of sugars.  Sugar has zero nutrients and load of calories.  So I’m easy off the cookies, candy, sugary juices, soda and no cake!  Lord help me please.  In addition to that, I’m lowering my sodium intake and opting for wheat over white.

3-   I’m also dranking (yes I said dranking, thanks Beyonce) only water.  Water helps keep you hydrated which actually helps fight fatigue so during the day you won’t feel so blah.

4-   One thing I can say is that I’ve always eaten smaller meals throughout the day so I’ll continue to do that.  Doing so keeps you from feeling so hungry and it keep your metabolism up.

5-  YouTube and Google are my BFFs and they should be yours too.  I currently have a YMCA gym membership, but I cannot tell you the last time I’ve been there.  So thank GOD my job pays for it because I hate wasting money.  So since I never make it to the gym I search fitness videos and do my part right in my home.

6-   Yes, I did jump on the juicing band wagon.  I went out and got a Nutribullet.  Strawberry, banana, almonds and celery has been my favorite recipe thus far.  But trust me there are dozens of Nutriblast recipes out there.  It’s one of the best ways for me to get my daily fruit and veggie intake and hmmmmmm they taste really good.  (Seriously this really works, I had a nasty cold when I came from Vegas and one of these knocked it right out)

So that’s about it for now, please wish me luck, I wish you the same.  Let me know how you’re staying summertime fine and comment down below.  Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hash-Tag: Spring Fever

Hey Young Loves, so it's time for another hashtag!  So since spring is here (technically because I live in NYC and spring is playing with our feelings) I wanted to put myself in the spring mood.  If you read my previous blog post last year you’ll understand more of what the winter does to me and you’ll know why I’m so excited the weather is changing.
Now although I usually cannot stay away from black, when it does get warm I love a pop of bright color.  I also think it complements my skin tone pretty well.  I wore this outfit a few years ago to my friend’s birthday party boat ride and decided to share.

I call this one “Orange you glad it’s not black?”  See what I did there?

Spot my photographer aka mom in the reflection?

Dress: XXI
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Claire’s
Bracelet and Ring:???
Thanks for reading-Ms. D

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

8 Random Vegas Tips for the Frugal Non-Party People

Hey Young Loves, I just came from Vegas.  This was actually my second trip to Vegas.  I went last January 2013 and it was freezing. 

Vegas January 2013

This time around it was nicer, warmer and beautiful.  I actually went over my spring break but I was not there for “spring break.”  I have to make sure I clarify that because I am definitely not bout’ that life anymore.  I’ve already been to college, been here done that, those days are over.  I did still enjoy myself. 


So whenever I go away on vacation I always look up tips/ideas from other travelers to see what they did and where they went.  I know tons of people have been to Vegas but I decided I still would put in my 2 cents.  So below are a few tips and a little bit of a re-cap from my recent Vegas vacation.

1-     I stayed at the LVH casino and Hotel.  I posted a hotel review on tripadvisor.  The hotel is not directly on the strip, however if you have no problem walking a few blocks, you can walk to the start (or end I’m not too sure) of the strip.  The closets strip hotels where the Riviera and the Circus Circus hotel. 

Tip1- There are few little delis in that areas and also a Walgreens with reasonable prices.   So you can tell your hotels to screw themselves with their $4.50 bottles of water and $5.00 bag of chips hmmmmK.

Tip2- The LVH offers its guest the option to opt out of housekeeping services and will reward you with an 8$ voucher.  It’s there way of going green which I think is a great idea and you are rewarded for it.  I did take this option one night and was able to use the voucher in hotel’s restaurants…ok I took the offer two nights…God I’m cheap.

Tip3- If your area non-smoker you will definitely enjoy the non-smoking sections in the casino.

Tip4- Bell’s Trans is a shared shuttle and its cost about $7 pp and will take you to and from the airport.

Tip5- This hotel is one of the stops on the Monorail.   It’s a great option to get through the entire 5 mile strip without walking the whole way or taking a taxi.  The cost is $5 per entry or you can pay $12 for a 24 hour pass.  Whichever you so desire.

2-   As I mentioned before the Circus Circus hotel was not very far from the hotel where I stayed.  This was a pretty cool hotel because I think it benefits both adults and kids.  The casino is down stairs and they have a carnival upstairs with fun games, popcorn and cotton candy.  I was actually quite surprised the amount of families that were on vacation here.

Tip6- The hotel has different circus acts that perform in the Midway.  The performances are held every half hour starting from 10 am to midnight.  However they are not on the half hour; meaning one show for example is 10:15 and then the other show will be 10:45.  Make sure you get there early if you want a seat, because since the shows are free, you know how people get when they hear the word “free.”

The Flying-Angels

3-  If you’re a return visitor like me you probably will want to take the chance and get off the strip on your visit.  There are a few options you can take.  You can take a bus trip to Los Angeles.  Some other popular tours are to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  I actually took a tour to the Red Rock Canyon conservatory.  I chose this option because it was still in the city of Las Vegas and much shorter duration or a trip as opposed to the others mentioned…plus I just went to LA in January.

Tip7- Even with the best service provider I doubt you will have any cell phone services when you get to the Canyon, it was a complete dead zone.

Tip8- The higher you get onto the canyon the windier and chillier it gets so make sure your pack a light jacket or sweater.

So there you have it.  Hope you took something away from this list, if not I still thank you for reading as always.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

525,600 Minutes of Blogging?

Do you know what today is??  It’s my Blogiversary.  (Admit it, you sang the title and the first line)

Well technical I have had this site since 2011, but I never wrote anything on it.  (I used to write a lot on my old MySpace page and at that time I was looking for a new avenue to do so…yes I still was on MySpace in 2011)  I only came back across my site because I was trying to figure out how to use Google+.  (No seriously does anyone know who to use that thing)  Well that was a whole year ago and that’s the anniversary date I want to keep.

I like most new bloggers have goals and certain milestones I want to reach.  I decided to focus on some goals and start work on them now.  As a new blogger I had no clue what I was really getting myself into.   Once I actually found started to put my content out there into the (digital) world, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned.  After about 12 months of “trying” to blog, her are a few goals I would like to accomplish in no particular order, so here it goes.

Blog Goals

1- New and Updated site/better lay out
I actually took this first step in August because my old Blogger looked like my Blackpanet page from 2001.  So I have accomplished this in some way, but there definitely still room for growth.

2- Better quality photographs
I really have no one to take my pics and I hate my tripod.   As far as object or scenery pictures, I need to update my 7.2 mega pixel Sony cyber shot and my .99 tripod and get a better camera.  Now I’m definitely not ready for a DSLR but at least a new digital with like 18 mega pixels or something

3- Find a blog niche
I know this is very important because as of right now I focus on lifestyle, traveling, city living, budgeting, dating, beauty, and fashion…uhm that’s a lot

4- Join other blog meet ups groups like this, blog hop, guest blog or collaborate

5- Datingdionne101 series
I have done a few of these already, so it’s just to continue. While you’re here check out my first post. 

6- Attend blogger conference

7- Own my own domain name
Not sure if I would stay with blogger or move to another hosting site, but its’ defiantly something consider.

8- Grow as a writer and person

9- Utilize social media to meet and network with other like-minded bloggers

10- Blogging schedule eeekkkk (include mini blogs)
I think this will be the absolute hardest thing to follow because inspiration comes and goes.

Well those are my blog goals I am going for, does any new blogger out there like to share their goals?

As always thank you so so so very much for reading.  Please like, share, comment and subscribe.  

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