Wednesday, April 2, 2014

525,600 Minutes of Blogging?

Do you know what today is??  It’s my Blogiversary.  (Admit it, you sang the title and the first line)

Well technical I have had this site since 2011, but I never wrote anything on it.  (I used to write a lot on my old MySpace page and at that time I was looking for a new avenue to do so…yes I still was on MySpace in 2011)  I only came back across my site because I was trying to figure out how to use Google+.  (No seriously does anyone know who to use that thing)  Well that was a whole year ago and that’s the anniversary date I want to keep.

I like most new bloggers have goals and certain milestones I want to reach.  I decided to focus on some goals and start work on them now.  As a new blogger I had no clue what I was really getting myself into.   Once I actually found started to put my content out there into the (digital) world, I can’t believe how much I’ve learned.  After about 12 months of “trying” to blog, her are a few goals I would like to accomplish in no particular order, so here it goes.

Blog Goals

1- New and Updated site/better lay out
I actually took this first step in August because my old Blogger looked like my Blackpanet page from 2001.  So I have accomplished this in some way, but there definitely still room for growth.

2- Better quality photographs
I really have no one to take my pics and I hate my tripod.   As far as object or scenery pictures, I need to update my 7.2 mega pixel Sony cyber shot and my .99 tripod and get a better camera.  Now I’m definitely not ready for a DSLR but at least a new digital with like 18 mega pixels or something

3- Find a blog niche
I know this is very important because as of right now I focus on lifestyle, traveling, city living, budgeting, dating, beauty, and fashion…uhm that’s a lot

4- Join other blog meet ups groups like this, blog hop, guest blog or collaborate

5- Datingdionne101 series
I have done a few of these already, so it’s just to continue. While you’re here check out my first post. 

6- Attend blogger conference

7- Own my own domain name
Not sure if I would stay with blogger or move to another hosting site, but its’ defiantly something consider.

8- Grow as a writer and person

9- Utilize social media to meet and network with other like-minded bloggers

10- Blogging schedule eeekkkk (include mini blogs)
I think this will be the absolute hardest thing to follow because inspiration comes and goes.

Well those are my blog goals I am going for, does any new blogger out there like to share their goals?

As always thank you so so so very much for reading.  Please like, share, comment and subscribe.  

Find me jumping over miles stones@4everyoungMsD @YoungequalsForever 


  1. Congrats on your milestone! I'm a relatively new blogger myself. You have some good goals. Mine are mostly the same as yours. I'm trying to work on my blog's layout and design too. Where I live there aren't really any blogging conferences to help me network. Hope you get through with all your goals though :)

  2. thank u, and hopefully u can find a conference soon


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