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8 Random Vegas Tips for the Frugal Non-Party People

Hey Young Loves, I just came from Vegas.  This was actually my second trip to Vegas.  I went last January 2013 and it was freezing. 

Vegas January 2013

This time around it was nicer, warmer and beautiful.  I actually went over my spring break but I was not there for “spring break.”  I have to make sure I clarify that because I am definitely not bout’ that life anymore.  I’ve already been to college, been here done that, those days are over.  I did still enjoy myself. 


So whenever I go away on vacation I always look up tips/ideas from other travelers to see what they did and where they went.  I know tons of people have been to Vegas but I decided I still would put in my 2 cents.  So below are a few tips and a little bit of a re-cap from my recent Vegas vacation.

1-     I stayed at the LVH casino and Hotel.  I posted a hotel review on tripadvisor.  The hotel is not directly on the strip, however if you have no problem walking a few blocks, you can walk to the start (or end I’m not too sure) of the strip.  The closets strip hotels where the Riviera and the Circus Circus hotel. 

Tip1- There are few little delis in that areas and also a Walgreens with reasonable prices.   So you can tell your hotels to screw themselves with their $4.50 bottles of water and $5.00 bag of chips hmmmmK.

Tip2- The LVH offers its guest the option to opt out of housekeeping services and will reward you with an 8$ voucher.  It’s there way of going green which I think is a great idea and you are rewarded for it.  I did take this option one night and was able to use the voucher in hotel’s restaurants…ok I took the offer two nights…God I’m cheap.

Tip3- If your area non-smoker you will definitely enjoy the non-smoking sections in the casino.

Tip4- Bell’s Trans is a shared shuttle and its cost about $7 pp and will take you to and from the airport.

Tip5- This hotel is one of the stops on the Monorail.   It’s a great option to get through the entire 5 mile strip without walking the whole way or taking a taxi.  The cost is $5 per entry or you can pay $12 for a 24 hour pass.  Whichever you so desire.

2-   As I mentioned before the Circus Circus hotel was not very far from the hotel where I stayed.  This was a pretty cool hotel because I think it benefits both adults and kids.  The casino is down stairs and they have a carnival upstairs with fun games, popcorn and cotton candy.  I was actually quite surprised the amount of families that were on vacation here.

Tip6- The hotel has different circus acts that perform in the Midway.  The performances are held every half hour starting from 10 am to midnight.  However they are not on the half hour; meaning one show for example is 10:15 and then the other show will be 10:45.  Make sure you get there early if you want a seat, because since the shows are free, you know how people get when they hear the word “free.”

The Flying-Angels

3-  If you’re a return visitor like me you probably will want to take the chance and get off the strip on your visit.  There are a few options you can take.  You can take a bus trip to Los Angeles.  Some other popular tours are to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  I actually took a tour to the Red Rock Canyon conservatory.  I chose this option because it was still in the city of Las Vegas and much shorter duration or a trip as opposed to the others mentioned…plus I just went to LA in January.

Tip7- Even with the best service provider I doubt you will have any cell phone services when you get to the Canyon, it was a complete dead zone.

Tip8- The higher you get onto the canyon the windier and chillier it gets so make sure your pack a light jacket or sweater.

So there you have it.  Hope you took something away from this list, if not I still thank you for reading as always.

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