Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diet Fail But Here Are 6 Health Tips Anyway

Hey Young Loves, originally I was going to write this post at the start of summer with awesome news while being uber proud of myself but…that’s not going to happen. 
So let me start from the beginning.  In the beginning of March, I decided to do a little “March Make-Over.”  Not your typical beauty make-over, but a health and wellness make-over.  I was READY.  How you look on the outside doesn’t really matter if you feel like crap on the inside.  Lately I’ve been feeling so heavy, tired, stressed out and weighed down.  I realized that I need to take some freaking better care of myself man. 

I started out really well, I was cutting out sugar, making healthier food options and even started exercising.  I was going to be summer READY (even though this isn’t about looks I swear.)  Then someone handed me a slice of red velvet cake…and I caved.  Oh I swear the flesh is so weak.  I mean I almost don’t even remember eating it, I just remember staring down at that empty Dixie paper plate as I was licking off that plastic fork. ***Hangs head in shame***

So I had given up for a while.  However, a few days later, I realized spring wasn’t over, life surely isn’t over and I didn’t need to be so hard on myself.  So now I’m basically writing this blog as a way to encourage myself again and maybe someone else.

I’m no @Mankofit or anything of the sort.  I do however have a useless degree in Health Science so I do know a little something.  So below are a couple of the baby steps I’m back to taking to get it together.

1-   So remember what I said about looking good on the outside doesn’t matter.  Welp, I LIED.  Of course it matters.  It’s super important to me that I keep myself from looking how I feel some days.  I am trying to keep my skin and my eyes moisturized.  A dab of eye cream goes a long way to smooth out dark circles and under eye bags which makes you look tired and just bad.


2-   Like I mentioned before, I’m gradually cutting out a lot of sugars.  Sugar has zero nutrients and load of calories.  So I’m easy off the cookies, candy, sugary juices, soda and no cake!  Lord help me please.  In addition to that, I’m lowering my sodium intake and opting for wheat over white.

3-   I’m also dranking (yes I said dranking, thanks Beyonce) only water.  Water helps keep you hydrated which actually helps fight fatigue so during the day you won’t feel so blah.

4-   One thing I can say is that I’ve always eaten smaller meals throughout the day so I’ll continue to do that.  Doing so keeps you from feeling so hungry and it keep your metabolism up.

5-  YouTube and Google are my BFFs and they should be yours too.  I currently have a YMCA gym membership, but I cannot tell you the last time I’ve been there.  So thank GOD my job pays for it because I hate wasting money.  So since I never make it to the gym I search fitness videos and do my part right in my home.

6-   Yes, I did jump on the juicing band wagon.  I went out and got a Nutribullet.  Strawberry, banana, almonds and celery has been my favorite recipe thus far.  But trust me there are dozens of Nutriblast recipes out there.  It’s one of the best ways for me to get my daily fruit and veggie intake and hmmmmmm they taste really good.  (Seriously this really works, I had a nasty cold when I came from Vegas and one of these knocked it right out)

So that’s about it for now, please wish me luck, I wish you the same.  Let me know how you’re staying summertime fine and comment down below.  Thanks for reading- Ms. D

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  1. nice piece, need to start drinking more water and just eating healthier overall

    1. i feel you, but the benefits of looking good matter too lol

  2. I so hear what you are saying. I am sharing something similar this week on my blog. I think declaring helps to keep you motivated. I have 12 pounds I would like to lose for the summer. I'll check back to see how you're doing x

    1. thank you for your comment, and yes declaring it as well as having a goal is the way to go


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