Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sipping from my cup till it runneth over, HOLY GRAIL

A Holy Grail product is a product that you find yourself buying over and over again.  It’s a constant staple in your regime.  Personally I have very few things I have found to work for me when it comes to my skin.  My skin type is oily/combination and I have hyper pigmentation.  I have some dry areas but mostly my forehead, nose and neck get really shiny.  Also my skin is really sensitive (Actually my whole body is but I’m going to do a post on that another time).  So there have been lots of trial and error.  A lot of horrible experiences with products that left me looking too light, too dark, too ashy or too shiny.  And let’s not even talk about wearing make-up in the summer time!

Now as cheap frugal I am, one thing I don’t really play around with is what I put on my face or in my hair.  A few of the make-up products I use just happen to be MAC products.  When I first really got into finding the right make up for my complexion and skin type, these have been the only ones that have kept coming back to.  The thing with MAC though, is that from when I first started purchasing from them to now, I have seen a serious price increase.  I mean come one MAC I’m sure you’re not doing bad.  I know there are a lot of other brands out there, which I also love, but come on, no one is never never never going to stop buying MAC.  Actually, women will never ever ever EVER stop wearing make-up in general.  If they do we might as well prepare for the zombie apocalypse because once that happens, that’s how everyone is going to be looking.  

Ok just kidding…but still. 

I am not a make-up artist or a beauty guru, but I am a girl and I do wear make-up so that must qualify me for something right?  So here are my Holy Grail make-up staples that I will never ever ever ever go without.   Even if…dare I say it…the price increases more. AHHHHHHHHH!

Proper Priming
Black Radiance primer and Philips MOM.  These 2 together help keep me from looking like a shiny black bowling ball.  In the summer months I use them both together.  When it’s a little cooler I can actually go with other priming at all, but I usually will prime with the Black Radiance primer.

Correct Concealing

Both are in the color NW45 and I use the Studio Finish for concealing under my eyes and the Select Cover-Up I use for concealing dark spots on the rest of my face.

Liquid Love
Revlon's Colorstay.  I've used cream foundations and they work okay for me, I used to use MAC studio tech, I found Revlon’s Color-Stay works the best, it last all day and doesn’t rub off like crazy on my shirt collar.  Now there’s not really a true measurement I have when it comes to mixing the 2 colors, but I would say maybe I use 2/3 cappuccino and 1/3 caramel.  **shrugs**

Brushes Baby

Elf and Sonia Kashuk powder brushes.  I used to only use my finger tips to put my make up on.  I then moved on to sponges and I do occasionally use a beauty-blender.  However, they collect way too much bacteria and I kept throwing them out.  Plus I have found that nothing works better than a flat top kabuki brush.  I honestly cannot chose between these two.  (I definitely didn’t want to say the ELF one since it’s only $3 and I didn’t want ya'll saying that’s why I picked it  One works the best for blending make-up around my under eye areas and the other is best for blending into my hair line.  So they both make the cut.  

Polish it off with Powder (boy when I stick to a theme I stick to it!)

This is what I use to set my liquid foundation…that’s it

Super Set

Again I can’t choose between these two and price isn’t a factor.  I use either one to set my entire face and to give myself some moisture if the powder has me looking too dry.  However I will say the ELF is easier from traveling but the MAC fix+ has a way better scent…I still can’t decide though.

What do you think?

As always thank you for reading.- Ms. D

Let me know some of your Holy Grail staples in the comment section below.  
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  1. I think your skin looks amazing, and has a nice dewy finish. I know what you mean about MAC's prices- it's quite annoying tbh. I'm now following you on GFC, please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me too xx


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