Thursday, May 22, 2014

7 Songs I Will Listen to for the Rest of My Life

Hey young loves, ya missed me?  I just wanted to mention that I have been having some serious issues with Blogger and I have yet to figure it out and I am trying so hard.  However, I decided to come back really quickly to get back into the swing of things.

I saw this really cute post on Ms.NaturallyRandom’s blog and I decided to do the same as well.  Hers is called "10 Songs That I’ll listen to For the Rest of My Life."  But of course I'm difficult so I decided to do 7.  Hmmm not sure why I chose that number, but I did.  So here they go.

You Are Everything- Mary J. Blige

Why?  Ok so this was supposed to my wedding song I swear.  Also I heard Kanye and Kim will have this as their wedding song too.  They wanna be me so bad.

Angel of Mine- Monica

Why?  Remember the MTV show TRL?  Well along time ago I waited outside forever just to see here and she performed this song that day.

Foolish- Ashanti

Why?  Honestly it was the first time I saw Terrance Howard and just thought he was so FINE.

I love You- Faith Evans

Why?  Because I love you, I want you and you're the one that I live for, that's why.

These Are The Times- Dru Hill

Why?  This was one of the first CD's I bought with my own money, plus they played this as the last dance at my junior high prom...because of course it was so damn age appropriate.

Just Like That- R. Kelly

Despite all his ISH, R. Kelly will always be my the MAN.

Unpretty- TLC

Why?  Because a list without TLC seemed wrong, and also I had self-esteem issues and this song spoke to me then. 

So that is all my loves, this kinda made a thug tear up a lil bit.  If you have any favorite songs that you will love forever and ever, please comment and let’s discuss.  As always, thank you for reading- Ms. D

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