Monday, May 26, 2014

Puerto Plata Travel Tips

Hey young loves, how is everyone today.  Are ya'll tired of the Vegas, Miami and Cancun posts yet?  Geez it's like the whole world's turnt up for Memorial Day.  But any who I took my vacation last week, because I had to avoid the Memorial Day hoopla.  I just can’t live that life.  I’m just not about it.

I visited Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.  When choosing this destination I was up in the air about either Punta Cana or Puerto Plata.  I chose Puerto Plata because I thought I was getting a really good deal on my hotel. But errrr just read my tripadvisor review here because that’s as much as I’m going to say about that.  Over all it was a good vacation but to be honest I was kind of underwhelmed in general.  However, I will still share all the good stuff.  So here it goes.

Dominican Outback Safari

This is the truck that took us around.

The tour took us to see a typical Dominican home, so this is me posing up in the people’s living room like I live there.  Hey they said to get comfortable.

This was one of the best parts of the tour.  The tour company sponsors a school so they took us there to meet some of the children, they were so cute my ovaries actually jumped, but the feeling was fleeting.

We had lunch and then after that they took us to their mini zoo where they had, crabs, snakes, crocodiles, and my friend pictured here Mr. Turtle.  

The last stop on the tour they took us to a private beach where you could get massages, go boogie board, or just relax.  There were also some random cows that rolled up on us.  Sorry no pics of that as I was too busy running for my life.  Hey I’m a city girl.

Diamond Beach and Blue Lagoon Excursion

First stop was at Diamond Beach.  What I loved about this beach was that it was shallow the entire way out.  For someone like me who cannot swim, it’s a great experience to finally be able to go past the shoreline.

Second stop was at Dudu Blue Lagoon.  No after I just finished telling ya’ll I can’t swim you know I’m just faking it for the camera.

After we had lunch, we went to another beach.  This one was way different from Diamond Beach.  The waves were so rough I couldn’t stand it.

I also took a trip to downtown Puerto Plata, and enjoyed the beach at out hotel as well.  As to not make this posts ridiculously long.  I have all my pictures on my Flickr account you can check them out here.

And hold up wait what did you say?  She has video?  Yes check out some clips as well on my YouTube channel you can see them here:

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P.S. Dominican Republic charges a $10 tourist travel fee for you to even get past security.  Also if when returning if you have to pay to check a bag the fee is actually taxed so that annoying $25 fee turns to $30.  Whomp Whomp.

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