Monday, June 30, 2014

Are the BET awards over yet?

Ok so it’s Monday morning.  Usually after any type of national TV event the usually office morning talk is “So how was your weekend?  Did you see...” 

Sometimes I just can’t deal with awards shows in general.  However, the BET awards are one of those shows I never never ever seem to catch.  Yeah yeah yeah, I know as a “blogger” I’m supposed to be on top of trends and know what’s going on etc.  But I promise I have a legit reason for not watching.  As a matter of fact I have several. 

So here are the top 6 reason I didn’t watch the BET awards show on Sunday.

1-    I never know it’s coming on.  No seriously, I feel like when the MTV awards come on they do these spectacular productions in order to promote the show.  The damn commercials are usually funny and entertaining.   (And I likes to be entertained.)  Viewers are informed weeks in advance the show is going air sometime in the near future.  I feel like when it comes to BET, they just say “oh snap aren’t we supposed to have an award show?”  Then everyone just shows up with cameras and stuff.

2-    I have the internet.  All I have to do is log into Facebook or Instagram, go through my timeline to get a play by play of what everyone is wearing, doing, saying, who fell, who looks high, who’s pregnant etc.  It can be pretty annoying and I actually have my own hashtags for pretty much any event that is filling up my timelines.   Here are some examples:

3-    I’m tired of seeing the same female rapper win every single year.  There is no one else out there so why do we even have this category?

Image source:

4-    I honestly don’t even know who half these people are.  Yes maybe by actually watching the show I could to put a face to the name of who is singing these songs that Hot 97 runs into the ground on the daily, but uhm why?

5-    It’s on BET.  I swear the only time I even remember what channel BET is on is when The Game comes on (or that garbage Being Mary Jane).  Otherwise my TV never turns to that station and I am just too lazy to try to find my channel guide…sowwy.

6-    Oh did I mention I have the internet?  The memes that are created during the show are way more hilarious and entertain than the show itself. (And I likes to be entertained)  I mean these people work FAST!  If you’re a meme creator do yawls get paid cuz uhm #BESTJOBEVER

So there you have it.  Please put all these excuses on my absent note cause I just wasn't here for them BET awards…oh and next year in advance.

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