Friday, June 6, 2014

FFF: Black, White and Faux Leather

Hey Young Loves, I want trying to implement a new series on my blog called Frugal Fashion Fridays.  I have a few series such as Mini Posts, Hashtags and DatingDionne101.  I don’t know but I’m just a sucker for themes I guess.
Last Memorial Day weekend the weather actually ended up being pretty cool and rainy.  It was also my friend’s birthday and we went to a casino to hang out, play some games and have a few drinks.  I actually bought an outfit that day but I didn’t end up wearing.  

I have this thing about wearing my clothes in the order that I bought them.  So since I had not already worn this dress and I bought it first, I had to get it out the way.  It was also my typical black and white which I just can’t seem get away from. 

Here are the stats:
Faux leather jacket: Jou Jou $24.99
Dress: XXI $14.99
Shoes: Rouge $24.99
Model: Your's Truly Priceless (tehehe)

As always thank you for reading, Ms. D

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