Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Hauling for FREE

Hey young loves, so I recently got my Ebates check and I also had a 50$ rebate gift card soooooooo I said hey let’s do a little shopping (very little lol.)  I am signed up with which allows me to shop online and get cash back on all my purchased.  As a member you can also get cash back for referring others.  If you want to sign up here is my link. Sign up is free, no gimmicks and you shop at stores you probably shop at anyway.  Also in January I changed me phones services so the rebate finally came.  So yeah basically I had a little extra cash and technically none came out of my pocket.

Anyway I needed some things to wear here and there.  (Sure do hope somebody invite me to a BBQ or something.)  I decided to blog and yeah you guessed it I even vlogged it.  Check out my Youtube video.

Green leopard chain crop top: Strawberry’s

Lime green sheer top: Easy Pickin’s

MC Hammer leggings: Easy Pickin’s

Black and White crop top: Easy Pickin’s

White cut out top: Marshalls

Black Jumper: XXI

Thank you so so so much for reading, watching and putting up with my foolery.

Forever your’s, Dionne

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