Sunday, July 6, 2014

9 Reasons Why I Can’t Be a Fashion or Beauty Blogger

1-    I do not own a DSLR camera.  I don’t even know what that stands for!
2-    I don’t have a fancy Mac Book Pro or imovie 10,000 or an iphone 5s.  I have a PC, windows movie maker, a Samsung Galaxy s3 and I’m very content. 
3-    Sometimes I leave my house with a head scarf on with my hair wrapped…because man listen.
4-    It is an absolute chore for me to do anything beauty related (hence why I’m sometimes in a head scarf).  The hairdresser, the nail salon, the spa OMG just thinking about it is making me exhausted.
5-    I’m never ever going to ever attempt to contour my face.  I tried once then I took a picture and ended up looking like a character from Lion King the musical….no.

6-    Beauty is NOT pain.  Screw that.  I can tolerate threading…but that bikini wax….nah
7-    I actually wear real pants when recording my YouTube videos. (Sike!)
8-    I’m way too cheap to buy products for the sake of reviewing it for a video or blog post.
9-    I have never had a macaron?  What is that even?  I swear if I see one more beauty blogger post about some macaron or a chai latte with a damn heart on top...

Ok OK this was just for fun.  Shout out to blogger Awesomely Luvvie for the topic.
As always thank you for reading
Forever yours, Dionne

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