Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Booty

Hey Young Loves, how is everyone.  Last weekend was my birthday weekend.  No worries I’m still young forever.  Any who I went out to dinner with my friend.  We went to Ricardo’s’ steakhouse in Harlem.  I really liked the atmosphere and the food was yummy.  I have a review on yelp by the way.  

Well for my look I want to look kind of sexy but not really do too much.  So you may remember this shirt from my frugalfashion video on my YouTube channel.  I just paired it with some jeans because I figured if my back was out then I need to cover my bottom.  It was pretty freaking hot out, as it is the middle of July.  I didn’t need to wear jeans but there was this girl in the restaurant who had on a backless top with some shorts with her entire booty hanging out and I realized at that moment that was exactly the look I was trying to avoid!  So check out my pictures below. 

Outfit details:
Shoes: Rainbow
Jewelry: Top max
Bag: Gift

As always thank you for reading
Forever yours, Dionne

Find me with my booty cheeks not hanging out:
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