Monday, July 21, 2014

Groovy Asian Birthday

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!  Ok it’s not, but this post is actually from my birthday which is July 13th by the way.  So technically you can wish me happy belated in the comments if you’d like.  My birthday was on a Sunday and by then I was super tired.  I kept it low key as usually and just headed to a birthday dinner.  So this is birthday dinner number 3.  It was at Yumi Asian Bistro and Hibachi.  It was pretty good too. I sat at the hibachi table but next time I probably will just sit at a regular table because I almost burnt my eyebrows off. 

I lucked out this particular weekend I had great food and drinks.  I went with my family and we all enjoyed it.  I don’t know what look I wanted for this day but I knew I still wanted to be comfy.  I decided to go for a cute black and white jumper with red accessories.  I kind of has a little 70’s feel going on I felt.  What do you guys think?

Outfit details:
Jumper: Forever21
Shoes: Rainbow
Clutch: Forever21
Jewelry: Rainbow

As always thank you for reading
Forever yours, Dionne

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  1. Dope pics seems like you had a good time, really enjoying the blog

    1. Yes I enjoyed my self, thank you for coming by and showing my blog some love :)


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