Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 Lines That Every Girl Is Tired Of Hearing #BEDA

I was so super annoyed the other day.  I mean its summer time and the wolves are just out.  I’m not trying to say I’m all that but can a girl walk down the street in peace?  Every second it’s "oooh girl can I walk with you" or "hey girl can I be your friend?"  Why yes strange creepy old man, we can be besties! 
So any way here are 5 lines that I’m sure every girl is tired of hearing on the street.

Guy: “Hey girl, why can’t you smile?” 
Me: “What for? Ain’t nothing funny.”

Guy: “Hey girl where you going?  Can I come with you?”
Me: “Ok but I’m going to see my parole officer tho.”

Guy: “Hey chocolate can I get a taste”

Guy: “Hey girl can I be your friend?”
Me: “Ok sure give me your number and let’s go shopping and get our nails done.”

Guy: “Ooooh girl what you drinking?  Can I get a sip?”
Me: “Ok but it’s puddle water tho.”

Geez.  Obviously it’s better to just nod and smile and keep it moving, but no for real does every guy read from the same handbook?

As always thank you for reading.
Forever yours, Dionne

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