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DatingDionne101 #7 Things I Don’t Get About Dating (with examples) #BEDA

Disrespecting my time/schedule
I met this guy who was a teacher.  He had the entire summer off with nothing to do.  I am not a teacher so I don’t have the summer off.  Even if I did I would find something do with myself.   Anyway he couldn’t comprehend that I cannot go out at 11:00pm on a Wednesday or answer the phone at 12:15 am on a Monday or while I’m at Work at 10:11 am. No matter how many times I told him he would contact me at all these off hours when it was convenient for him.

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Lying for no reason
I met this guy once…funny thing he was also a teacher.  He gave me this small painting of a poodle.   He told me this whole story about how he hired this guy to paint it and he tried to describe to the artist how my dog looked (I don’t have a poodle by the way.)  I was like “oh ok this is so thoughtful thank you.”  Two days later the frame of the picture broke so I took it out to put in another frame.  When I looked at the back of the picture there was a website written on it.  I decided to check out the website to see what kind of work the artist has done.  Anyway the “artist” has picture “his work” of the exact same photo of the same poodle (and other dogs) for $1.99.  I swear I just burst of laughing.  Like what was the purpose of lying about that?  He could have just said he saw this picture and knew I like dogs and got it for me.

Worry Warts
I already blogged about my feelings about guys that aren’t even rich but they are worried about gold diggers.   I met this one guy who was a nurse.  I am aware nurses make great money.  However he wasn’t “rich.”  Furthermore as a new graduate more than likely you have debt too.  He was always telling me how his son’s mother only got pregnant because she wanted his money and how he doesn’t pay for girls on dates, blah blah blah.  I was like you lost me at “son’s mother.”   

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Casting and movie directors
Why you want me to “audition” to become their girlfriend?  I’m not about to cook, clean, and do your laundry just to see if I “qualify” to “talk” to you.  Nah bruh.

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Disappearing acts
If we went out with one time 5 years ago please tell me why you are hitting me up a years later asking me “when I’m going to see you again?”  That makes my blood boil.  Get out of her with that, you’re just bored and that ship has sailed, reached it’s destination and docked.

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Group dates
I can clearly see all over your social media pages that you are in a relationship, married and have children.  So….are we all going on this date or nah?

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