Saturday, August 30, 2014

DatingDionne101 #8 Was I wrong? #BEDA

I like to write about shopping and beauty related things, but I also like to be a little personal as well.  This is an extremely random blog post but hey it’s my blog I can do what I want to.

So one of my favorite blogger Demetria Lucas has an page where people ask the most random relation questions.  So I decided to ask one as well.   The version I asked is pretty short since you only are allowed 300 characters.  So here is the full story:

Once I dated this guy and it was going ok.  One day he randomly gave me a gift.  It wasn’t my birthday or anything.  Now under normal circumstances a girl would be excited.  However I felt kind of uncomfortable because he gave me a gift before and if you read this blog post you’ll have an idea as to why I felt that way.

Any way I mentioned once to him while we were in Macy’s that I don’t know if I would ever shell out over a $1,000 for a bag.  Especially since I’m so frugal.  Long story short, he bought me a Louis Vuitton bag!  Wait what?  However, it was Not a Louis Vuitton bag.  Sigh.

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I kid you not, it was the worse replica, imitation or whatever you want to call it.  Plus it had a horrible plastic leather smell.  I put on the fakest smile ever and just looked at him.  To add insult to injury, he had the nerve to wrap it in a Macy’s bag to try to play it off like it was the real thing.  Oh and not a Macy’s shopping bag but a plastic Macy’s bag.  Double sigh. 

You guys may not know this but I used to work at Macys (plus I also have sense).  Therefore, I know it was a fake.  However, it being fake wasn’t even the issue.  It was the story that came with it.  He told me how he “used his last paycheck to buy this,” and how the cashier told him how “this must be for a lucky lady.”

I remember being so irritated but at the same time really worried for him because clearly he was a pathological liar.  Plus he also thinks I’m an idiot because this was the second time he tried to give me a gift and lied about it. 

In the end I told him I “didn’t feel comfortable with him spending so much money on me.”  I never told him I knew it was fake the same way I never told him I knew that picture he gave me was fake.

Now I writing this because I was having a conversation with someone and I told them this story and they told me I was wrong and that I should be grateful I even got a gift.  So my question to you guy is, was I wrong?

As always thank you for reading.

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