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Get on Up With Black Movies #BEDA

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I went to see the James Brown movie this past Saturday.  I must say it was a pretty good movie.  Some confusing parts, but overall 3/5 stars.  (I wish to one day be a professional movie critic)  It was so crazy to see all these older ladies in the theater getting all hot and bothered…but hey that’s none of my business.  I actually had no idea what James Brown’s story was so I can’t even state if it was accurately portrayed or not. 

I do however have a grievance with the movie, as I do with a majority of “black” movies.  I understand the need for “star power” as it draws in the movie goers.  I just can’t stand when a movie is overly saturated with already established actors.  Especially when they play an insignificant roles.  For example, Tika Sumpter is a pretty established black actress right?  However, she had literally 1 line in the movie.

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There is a YouTube series by Andrea Lewis called “Black Actress.”  It shows how there are so many struggling black actresses and black actors out there.  I just wish that sometimes they could at last give these little insignificant roles to one of them so they can get a chance to shine.  Yes I know it does happen sometimes, and sometimes they even get leading roles. (Cuz I don’t know what Lupita Nyong'o did before 12 Years a Slave)  However, I don’t feel it happens enough.  Another examples is the movie Baggage Claim.  It was so overly saturated with already famous black actors.  Did we really need Tia Mowery-Hardict to play in those 2 little scene with Trey Songz?  I felt it was so point-less. 

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Why couldn’t they have held an audition and hired a talented up and coming actress to fill that role so she could get her big break?  But hey I guess that’s is why I’m not in the movie business because I would give everybody a shot.
Well anyway, did you see Get On Up this weekend?  If so did you enjoy it? What were your thoughts?

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  1. I agree with u, but if you're a casting director, and an established black actor comes in an auditions for a small part, I don't think I would turn them down because they're too famous. Better for me. I just think that those established actors should just leave those small parts alone. But I guess this all links to the problem of there not being enough major black parts. So right now, established or not, theyre all going after the same roles.

    1. At the same time tho, it's not like white actors have it easier. I'm sure there's 100 white guys that get mad every time Seth Rogen gets a bit part

    2. Thanks for commenting, but so you really think they go after those roles, or does the director seek them out? I can imagine how much you have to pay an established actor to play that minor role as well. And I agree with you I'm sure white actors and all actors in general are out there struggling.

  2. Your observation of this problem in Hollywood extends to Hispanic, Asian, and other ethnic backgrounds as well. It's even worse for women. Lupita's first role was 12 Years a Slave but Hollywood insiders are worried on the challenges she faces to follow up that film with significant movie roles. An Oscar for a woman of color, unfortunately, does not guarantee a great film career. Look at Hale Berry, she had to create decent roles for herself when movies were not giving them to her after the Oscar. Heck television has been the new trend for actors like her, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer for better roles.

    1. it is going to be hard for her to follow up, but she is doing star wars so hopefully that's a good movie. but the gist of what im saying is not the 1 anomaly of a unknown actress getting a big role. its the big known actors taking small roles that i think should be giving to unknown actors so that they can get a chance.

  3. Argh I had a whole response written,  then it disappeared. I'm the first anonymous poster.

    Tia Mowry isn't a big name Hollywood actress yet. She's semi famous. Name a movie she's done that wasn't on The Disney Channel lol. I think it's more likely that she took the gig for the exposure. I don't think they adjusted the budget in order to pay her.
    I know she's just an example, but the problem I feel, is that there aren't enough jobs.
    I agree with what the other person said, Lupita is gonna have a tough time following up on her Oscar win, mainly because there arent many great parts out there.
    But at the same time, many white Oscar winners do silly movies after winning Oscars. It's just a lot harder for minorities, because we have to fight so hard not to become a stereotype. And I guess doubly harder for minority women.
    We need to figure out how to finance it ourselves. That's what many established actors do nowadays - Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt,  etc.
    That's why, as much as I don't like all of Tyler Perry's movies, I am happy to see Hollywood financiers finally noticing that movies with black casts can make money. It's a step in the right direction.


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