Saturday, August 2, 2014

Laser Hair Removal on Darkskin #BEDA

In 2008 I had a horrible experience with laser hair removal.  I went to the American Laser center and yes I’m saying there name because I don’t care.  Basically they used a laser on me that they had no business using for my skin tone. 

Back then I wasn’t a Yelper/Googler the way I am now.  So I took their word for it and basically was out $2,400.  Looking back I’m like where in God’s name did I find $2,400 from straight out of college.  Anyway that included the laser package as well as microdermabrasion.  The microdermabrasion was even more of a disaster because my skin is super sensitive and  it traumatized my skin and made my complexion worse.

Anyway I didn’t think I could get laser hair removal until I went to the dermatologist recently and she told me about a laser specifically for dark skin called the yag laser.  So I started doing my research on it and this laser is a long puled laser that is specifically for dark skin and darker hair. 

When it comes to laser hair removal you have to have several treatments.  I looked around a few places and asked customers about their experience and found a place and price I was comfortable with.  I have had 1 treatment so far and it wasn’t bad.  I didn’t feel any pain.  Nothing like the place I went to in 2008. 

If you want to know how this laser experience goes for me, you can email me and ask me whatever you want.  I know I was looking online for people to ask, so I figured I would return the favor.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of the awesome info! I am looking forward to checking out more posts!

    1. thanks for reading and actually reminding me that i have to update lol


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