Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Previous Blog Names #BEDA

Forever Young Miss D
Because like I state in my blogger profile I wanted to be young forever.  I don’t want that any more.  I am ok with getting older.  With age comes wisdom as they say.

A Medium Glass of Chocolate Milk
I have no Idea I guess it was a play off “a tall glass of water.”

The Young Equals Forever Blog
I think I was still holding on to the “forever young” thing.

The Dionne Diaries
I figured since this blog would be a place I would put my thoughts.  Then I realized that it may seem like a super serious type blog, which obviously it is not.

Forever Yours, Dionne
I figured if you read my blog and supported me I would be forever grateful.  Therefore, I would be forever yours…I was reaching.

Forever Dionne
Because I’m not going anywhere.  I will always be Dionne.  Bits of me will change and I hope to grow more and learn.  However, Dionne will always be here.

As always thank you for reading.
Forever yours, Dionne

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