Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Blogger Tag #BEDA

1. What is your first name?  Dionne

2. What are you reasons for staring YouTube/blog?  I always loved writing and internet.  I always wrote little memos here and there but I just kept them saved on my computer.  I actually made my blogger account tin 2011 but was too scared to post anything.  Then I finally was like Dionne just do it, stop reading ever one else’s, watching everyone else and stop being a punk.  So I made my first post in April 2013.  The journey has been super fun.  I’ve learned a lot and realized I have tons more to learn (I can’t even take a proper selfie).

3. What's something odd about you?  I refuse to east any kind of sandwich or burger without pickles, onions or hot sauce

4. What is your favorite TV show?  Right now it’s any show on the Investigation Discoveries channel.  My TV never leaves that station.

5. What is your favorite color?  Black.

6. What do you do most?  I think a lot about everything, probably too much.

7. If you were a Disney princess which one would you be?  Who’s the richest?  Princess Jasmine

8. What is your favorite beauty product/beauty item?  I have a love hate relationship with my Clarisonic only because it does nothing for hormonal acne, but it’s great for exfoliating and leaves my skin very soft.

9. What is your favorite perfume? Juicy Couture

10. What is your favorite song right now?  “Am I wrong?” by Nico and Vinz ( I even blogged about it here)

As always thank you for reading
Forever yours, Dionne

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