Friday, August 15, 2014

The Mall at Bay Plaza Opens Up and I Have Opinions #BEDA

Hey Young Loves.  So I am a Bronx girl.  I have lived here for a majority of my life.  I was super excited to see the new Mall at Bay Plaza opened up Thursday.  Since I work I missed the ribbon cutting ceremony as well as the chance to receive a $10 Macy’s gift card.  

However, the lines were ridiculous so it was ok.

I wasn’t sure how the traffic and parking situation was so I took the bus.  One thing I loved about Bay Plaza was that I could just whip in and out and not have to worry about parking.  So patrons be prepare because after Labor Day weekend you’re going to have to pay for parking.  Whomp Whomp.

I do have 1 more pet peeve and I’m so mad I have to write this.  So there I was standing in awe of this beautiful mall.  I was one the second level and then all of a sudden a crowd started rushing towards me.  Basically a group of teens started fighting and chasing each other. (Deep sigh) I’m like see...this is why people cannot have nice things.  It was so embarrassing.  However the mall cops were on it.

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I probably won’t be back until around October.  I understand the excitement but I need people to act like they have been to a store before.  Plus I’m definitely more of an online shopper since I love getting my cash back from Ebates.

I do want to say I am very happy the mall is here.  I saw a dozen “now hiring” signs and I know it has already employed a lot of people.  

I think it’s a great thing for the Bronx.

I loved her OOTD.

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