Friday, August 1, 2014

Was I a Stupid Kid? #BEDA

I’m really trying to remember if I was a stupid kid.  Like a really dumb ass.  Ok sorry I know that sounds pretty harsh.  I’m sure I did a lot of stupid things.  I do remember jumping from one side of the jungle gym to the other (Thug Life).  I don’t recall being true total idiot. 

I’m still so perplexed with these ridiculous challenges that are popping up all over my social media feeds.  Ok I understand we live in a world where just one viral video can make you a career.  But what I don’t get is if it’s really worth your life or health.  Why in GOD'S name would you do a fire or pass out challenge? 

If you don’t know what m talking about, there are 2 popular “challenges” out right now.  One is called the “Fire Challenge” and the other is the “Space Monkey challenge.”   Now just from that name alone you know it’s…not smart.  In the fire challenge you are supposed to pour some kind of flammable liquid, such as nail polish remover or alcohol, on your bare body and then light yourself on fire.  What really confuses me is that if you light yourself on fire, why is it that you are so surprised when you get burned?  Exactly what do you think is supposed to happen?

The next challenge is the Space Monkey aka Pass Out challenge.  In this challenge the person (I assume) tries to expel all the air out of their lungs by breathing in and out rapidly and then they have someone block off their airflow until they pass out.   I saw two videos where the girls broke out into a seizure.  A SEIZURE.  The young girl almost knocked her head open on the concrete wall before she fell. 

I don’t know, I just don’t get…I don’t know…I can’t…ok I’m finished writing now.  I guess I should end with some kind of learning message so here it goes…use protection.

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