Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Mother’s Love Tour Cancelled!

Hey Young Loves, I’m kinda sad.  I really was going to try squeeze this into my schedule and see this if the came to NYC.  According to the blogger turned actor, the play was cancelled after one week due to lack of financial resources.   In other words, they just didn’t sell.  I feel really bad because it not only affects the fans who wanted to go, but it affects the play participants.  The actors, crew, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists or whoever were invested in it.  It’s like bye-bye, there goes your time and money you will never see again.

Check out Funky Dineva’s blog post here, where he states why the tour was cancelled.  Oh well I guess I’ll just have to check out Kandi on RHOA and Funky Dineva on YouTube.

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