Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Street Harassment?

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Hey Young Loves.  So if you are following the latest viral news, there has been a lot of buzz about a recent “street harassment video.”  The actress in the video was taped walking the streets of NYC for 10 hours, all in the sake of research.  (She’s a trooper I swear because uhm, nope)  The group “Hollaback!” posted the video in hopes of depicting street harassment against women in NYC.  Of course the video garnered split opinions.  Surprisingly, the views seemed to be split amongst men and women on both sides.  Some men where disgusted by the harassment she received, while some women didn’t perceive it as a big deal.

In my opinion the video made its point.  I see where she was coming from and what the group was trying to prove.  But of course I feel it was a bit lacking. Because these NYC streets for real, for real are full of WOLVES.  I even made a post about it this past summer.  Ok so at one point a guy does follow her down the street for 5 minutes.  That was pretty damn creepy.  However, I want to add that this is not all to what street harassment is for those who didn’t see what the big deal was. 

Some guys can be so freaking disgusting.  Some of things that come out of their mouth is extremely sexual and extremely insulting.  Oh and let you not want to talk to them oh my God you become every type of “b!tch” “ho” or my favorite “you not all that cute anyway, you ugly anyway wicho black a$$.”  Yeah.

Also, I saw some people commenting that she wasn’t even that attractive.  Honestly I think she look fine, but that’s not the point.  The point is you don’t have to be “attractive” to get harassed on the street.  You just have to be a female and have two legs and two arms…if even that.  You can be any shape, any size, any color, and any creed.  I’ve seen women get street harassed while walking their daughter to the bus stop.  Like come on really??

Anyway this is as much as I have time to write for now.  Check out the video and tell me what you think in the comment section.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Do You Mean You Don't See Color?

Ok so here I am trying to take this blog hiatus, and then everybody and their mother is tweeting, insta-gramming, face-booking, tumbling or whatever social networking about Ms. Oh So Raven’s interview with Oprah.

I did not watch the interview.   So let me just say that.   I did however see the full video clips.  First I total commend Raven for I guess “officially” coming out of the closet.  Even though I do understand that your sexual preference technically isn’t anyone’s business.

What is our business though, is your race.  *cough*  I understand not wanting to be labeled African-American.  The term itself is more politically correct.   I’ve never heard a Canadian call himself African-Canadian or a European say she is African-European.   I myself am Caribbean as well as African and I live in America.  No way am I going around calling my self Caribbean-African-American or even Caribbean American.  What would that even mean?   It doesn’t sit right with me, I don’t get it I just say I’m black end of story.

Raven however seems to have this notion that she is “color-less” which she is not.  No man you don’t have “darker skin” and “an interesting grade of hair.”  You missy are black.  Yes you may be lighter skinned but you are black.  Your roots do not stop in Louisiana, your full lips and wide nose clearly prove that. 

You were chosen to be on a black sitcom for crying out loud.  How can you have been on the Cosby’s and not see color?  How can you see Keke Palmer be the first black Cinderella on Broadway and not see color.  How can you see Halle Berry to be first black actress to win an OSCAR for best actress and not see color? 

What do you mean you don’t see color?  You must be legally blind, and cannot see.  I can fully understand a person saying “color doesn’t bother me” or “I won’t treat anyone different because of the color of their skin.”  We live in an America that is still very much racially charged.  Have you not been watching the news?  To say your color-less in AMERICA even on 2014…Nah…I don’t get it. 

You may not see yourself as color-less, but trust me, the world does not.  That one role you audition for that asked for a blond female with blue eyes…yeah I’m sure the reason you didn’t get wasn’t due to your lack of talent.

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