Sunday, February 1, 2015

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day (single gals edition)

Hi guys, it is February and it’s that time a year again, where every department store you walk into every drug store has been covered in pink and red hearts and teddy bears and all that cute Valentine’s Day stuff.  

Every commercial on TV is geared towards couples and for those of us aren’t coupled up where like well what about me like what is there that I can do.

No need to fear, Dionne is here (ok I can’t even take myself seriously)
So where you are single, or singleish…you know how yall do…I just compiled a list of things that you can do by yourself or even with a group of friends this valentine’s day and of course you know me I’m gonna give you the most affordable options because that’s just how I does… so hope you enjoy.

1-    Go shopping.  First off Valentine’s Day is the Saturday, but more importantly president’s day is the next Monday.   So I say why not get up, go out, catch some of those president’s day sales.  I’m almost 100% sure Macys will have either its monthly one day sale or something. And the best thing about Macys is you can buy online and then pick it up in the store.  So get yourself a cute new outfit, because when you look cute, you feel cute, and when you look and feel cute you never know whose eye you might catch on the 15th.  You can also go on ahead and purchase some discounted Valentine’s Day candy.

2-    It’s still winter and a winter fun activity is since skating to do with your friends or by yourself if you’re about that life.  If you’re from NY you can check out Bryant park its free admission you just have to pat 15$ rent you skates.  Or go to riverbank Skate Park is another cheap option.  Its only 5$ to enter and 6$ to rent skates.  But if you’re like me you already own a pair of skates.  So you basically have to pay nothing.

3-    Catch a live show?  I don’t know about you but I love live performances and I love to eat.  You can head on over to bb kings that day were they have the decade of soul show.  I went saw them perform not this past Christmas but the Christmas before, and it was an awesome show.  It’s only 8$ for the show if you get your tickets from if not its 16$ if you but it right from the bb kings website.  The food is bleeh not gonna lie but you can’t go wrong if u get the wings and a few good drinks.

4-    Go to a museum.  Learn something new!  NYC has a plethora of museums options.  You can go check out the Brooklyn museums Valentine’s Day sensory tour.  I would go to that myself if school was kicking my ass.  They also have the killer heels “the art of high heeled shoes” exhibit that ends on the 15th.  This sounds super awesome.  So I don’t know any other perfect way to spend valentine’s day that to enjoy it with a woman’s one true love, which are shoes.

As always thank you for reading and watching.

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