Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year 17'

Happy New Year Young Loves, can you believe is 2017? 

It been a hell of a year.  My blog turns 4 in April I can’t believe that either.  With that being said, I’m very disappointed in my consistency.  However, I know resolutions are clich√© but I would love to get back active for this year and so on.  I also need to work on new formatting, displays etc. to make it move faster because it’s a super pain. 

I’ve deiced I would like my blog and YouTube channel to continue to focus on beauty and lifestyle.  I will also keep the relationship/Dating Dionne segments of course.  I mean maybe my relationship status may even change this year.  Also, the past year I’ve been very inspired by bloggers such as Cynthia Branch and HeyFranHey for example.  Therefore, I would love to add an element of mental health and wellness as well. 

Last but certainly not least, here is A MAJOR LIFE update----√† I AM OFICALLY FINISHED WITH GRADUATE SCHOOL.  I mean done done done done.  I’ll go more into details soon, right now I’m getting over the flu and I’m ready to go back to bed.  For now I didn’t want to wait wish every a happy and prosperous new year. 

Thank you for reading
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  1. Hey Dionne, congratulations on finishing your graduate studies. Best of luck to your future endeavors


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