Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to Heal Your Heart

Hey Young Loves, so I know we all really want to declare 2017 as a year of growth and healing.  I even posted this quote on Instagram so you know it makes it official.

Not going into detail but I can agree with most 2016 was rough.  Don’t get me wrong there was some good aspects, but overall I got in my own way and some things didn’t pan out well.  (Note to self…DO NOT GET IN YOUR OWN WAY.)

Ok so really think about this. 

A baseball player breaks his arm.  He seeks help from a doctor.  Maybe he gets casted or splinted for about 6 weeks.  He may get rehab for another month to regain his skills and get stronger.  After that he's ready to get back in the game.  Sounds about right huh?

So why is it that when our hearts are broken we want to rush or completely skip over the healing process?

 It's called a process for a reason.  Healing takes time.  And as much as it sounds cliché, time can heal all wounds.  Consider your broken heart as you would another body part.  Get help from a professional if needed.  Or seek comfort from a friend or family member.  Rest and give your heart time to heal.  Take about a month or two to get yourself stronger.  Then when you’re ready you can get back in the (dating) game.

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