Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Make a Vision Board

How to Make a Vision Board AKA Getting My Life together

Hey Young Loves, how’s is it going?  January is almost over.  I sometimes think it's going quickly but then it’s not going quickly.  I have always heard of the idea of a vision board for years and I guess I low key thought it wasn’t a real thing.  However, this year I’m really trying to not do the same things I’ve always been doing.  

A good friend of mine reminded me about the idea.  I decided to create one and since blogging/YouTube is a part of my 2017 goals and I said I might as well incorporate it as well.  I went about recording it and it took me about ½ hours to complete.  Overall my categories included the same categories I mentioned in my 2017 life update video.  

Please check out the video below and subscribe to my channel while you’re at it.

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