Friday, February 3, 2017

5 Things to Do in NYC this Valentine’s Day (Single’s Edition Part 2)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….but not if you’re single

Hey young loves, it’s that time of year ago, nope not black history month (even though that’s super important) but it’s almost Valentine’s day.

A couple years ago I did a video discussing things to do in NYC on Valentine’s Day (I also did a video on things not to do on Valentine’s Day).  As I mentioned in that video, a lot of retailers tend to gear Valentine’s Day to couples. 
I saw so many bloggers giving us Valentine’s Day date outfits, make up looks, Groupon discounts for couple’s cake decorating dates, dinner plans etc.  However, this year I have already seen differently things.  I see more YouTube videos geared towards both couples and singles.  Since I’m a New Yorker, I again decided to so some research to find what’s popping in these streets.

Attend a Fashion Show
New York Fashion week 2017 is from February 9th to the 16th.  During this week, there are tons of shows, parties and other related events.  Some events are industry only, but there are events open to the public as well.  Tickets range from about $30.00 to $100.00 (yikes).  You and your girls…or guys can get dressed up, get cute and head to a show.  I am attending a show myself on the 11th because I sometimes take my own advice.  

Get Lit
I found an event and it’s specifically called “Singles Wine Tasting.”  Per the event site, it is aimed towards NYC professional singles.  The day of you will meet together in a small setting, have conversation, participate in ice breakers and of course enjoy a variety of wines (ya lush). 

Catch a Movie
Now I absolutely and not into this all.  However, I know a lot of other people are.  The movie Fifty Shades or Darker comes out on February 10th.  Gather a group, buy your tickets ahead of time and catch a matinee show to avoid all the couples that will be there later on in the day.

Let’s Brunch
Brunch is the new dinner.  I found this events called the “Beards and Beauty” brunch/day party on February 11th from 3pm-10pm.  The flyer states that there is a pre-fixe menu for 35$ which includes Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. 

Learn something new
This can mean so many things.  It depends on what you’ve always wanted to day.  Maybe you can even tap into your new year’s resolution and learn to cook, golf, skate, draw, paint, make videos, style hair or whatever.  For example, say you wanted to learn photography.  I can personally recommend JPteachPhoto’s beginner class.  I took this course last year and I may take the second part this summer.  The courses will teach the basics of using your DSLR camera.  By the end of the class you head to a location with other class members to start shooting pics.   

I hope everyone enjoys themselves this upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend whether in a relationship or not.  It’s a day of love.  So go on ahead and love on somebody whether it’s your boo or your bestie. 

Where are you headed this Valentine’s Day?  Please share in the comment section below.

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