Monday, May 1, 2017

New Yorker Tag

1- How long have you been living in New York City?
2- What's your favorite season in New York?
3- Favorite activity to do in New York City?
4- Would you ever leave New York City?
5- Where would you go?
6- What are three words to describe a living in New York City?
7- What is your favorite TV show based in NYC?
8- What part of New York City are you from and which part do you currently live in?
9- What do you like the most about this city?
10- Would you hate the most?

Do you know your history?

11- Do you know why NYC is called the big Apple?
12- What bridge connects Brooklyn to Manhattan?
13- What president was born in NYC?
14- Who was the last mayor before this current mayor?
15- What's the only borough that isn't an island?

This is that?

16- Bergdorf or Barneys?
17- Skating in Rockefeller center or Bryant park?
18- It's 3am you're out on the town and your hungry pizza or hot dog?
19- Bus or train?
20- Broadway show or nightclub?

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