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Welcome to 'The Forever Dionne Blog" 

Ms. D

The Forever Dionne Blog
"Funny, Fabulous and Frugal."

Me- Aspiring blogger looking to connect and collaborate both digitally and/or face to face
My Blog- Bits about Beauty, fashion, Budgeting (or trying to) Lifestyle, entertainment  and Relationships

Feel free to email me with questions, comments, inquiries, or any opportunities: 4EverYoungMsD@gmail.com

***Disclaimer: All written content on this blog are created and owned by me unless otherwise stated.  Most photos belong or were taken by me.  With exceptions (photos of celebrities or other website logos, ads etc.) they were obtained via internet, I do not own any rights to them and there is no copyright infringement.  As a reader and digital friend feel free to share or repost as you desire, I greatly appreciate it.  However, do make sure to give credit to the author.  With all due respect, thank you.***

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